The New Fanfiction Page

Disclaimer: This page is currently being worked at, but you can already see how it'll look like. Each character/band will have their own page, and you can already access the ones which are ready!

The Dead Weather
The Kills
The Last Shadow Puppets
Manic Street Preachers
Jim Morrison
Amy Winehouse


  1. I love your stories, you really do write beautifully, keep writing and know that I really admire you for standing up for what you believe in especially when there is so much hate out there from so many people, keep going :) xx

  2. ghjsagf thank you:3 THANK YOU:3
    I am writing and I will and I have xD :3
    Thank you. I just want not just my voice but everyone else who has been silenced by society to be heard. I am doing what other people and artists have done for me back when I was accepting myself and still do, as society still doesn't accept us in every light unfortunately.

    Thank you so much :3

    <3 xxxx