Tuesday, 7 December 2010


If I let melancholy take me over,
would it still be the same,
as I'd sit with headphones falling upon my nose,
as I'd wish I were five, with the same mind,
I'd listen to cheesy, what you call alternative pop rock
with sunflowers dancing
above in the deep blue sky
as I'd suck on my lemon lollypop
wondering who were the one to give my third kiss
were he the one who gave it to me last time
were his eyes blue as the sky above
was the skin white as if it were the sand
would his voice be as if it were from the luring waves
would his jealousy be as if he were a seagull waiting for a sub
would he wrap his arms around me
as the music would fade
we'd both become old
and forget that we both once existed?
Then I'd want to be five again,
the thought above the golden gates
as I'd be hung
the melancholy gone,
as I'd reach seven with lies kissed into my ears
then then
I didn't finnish school,
Nothing to tell,
as then the thoughts go white with fear
I'd ask you how it was
you'd be silent
as if you were a seashell,
so be one,
I'd kick you out,
be five again,
sucking on the six
slowly, as I'd regret
the five years
because that's what we do
rant and complain
on the thoughts which we get
on a plate
as they emerge as if they were dead fishes
we just bite their heads off
the eyes rolling upon the pavement
with the movement
as they climb upon
and eat our own
that's how kids are born
I drink my coke
and throw it into the ocean
I don't want to be eaten
But I'm sure I'm pregnant
with the thought green and eco
and lifeless
and still
and dull.



  1. I love the line breaks at "what you call alternative pop/rock" and "as if it were from the luring/waves." Seriously, an amazing poem indeed!

  2. Thank you! I just wanted to capture what was then!