Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Poison the Rose

“Lana, you remind me of the first girl I loved.

A gangsta Nancy Sinatra and her pussy tasted like pepsi cola.” And sparkles on the slippers. I joke and I lick her neck, holding my hands to myself as she eats ice cream. We’ve fucked already, nearly past our first day. I had grabbed her backstage and stuck my hand in her jeans, Lana closing her eyes and I had attacked her neck just as I am now in a small place to be a diner, as if there would be a flag above us and I want to finger her again. I look around, both of our arrows smudged and her lipstick looking like a pussy, muffled by my sex and I kiss her again, my tongue sliding in and out, like fucking.

Then Lana stands up and we head into the ladies, pushing the wooden door open and I slide down, licking her blouse down and pushing her skirt up, tugging on her skin on the legs until I slide my tongue inside her as she starts shaking and thrusting agains my tongue. I slide two fingers up her ass as well, sucking harder on her clit, thrusting with everything I can.

Lana screams coming, her come sliding onto my tongue, as I keep licking teasingly, my fingers slowly coming out, as I kiss her stomach, kissing her up, her legs barely keeping her as then she stands, her skirt still up, eyes closed, skin all flushed and swollen due to all the love I’ve painted and she pushes me against her, hugging me tight and sliding her hand now to tease me as I start biting her neck, licking it as then she goes down, spreading my legs, spreading my pussy and tickling it with her tongue before she takesit in her mouth and starts sucking, hard, teasing my entrance, sticking her tongue inside as I start shaking and she grabs my butt cheeks and I come.

I keep shaking, gasping, pressing her mouth harder, I have no idea how she can breathe.



And she can’t.

I see her eyes open wide, blood spreading in the wings of the angel, snow helping her draw the feathers, as then the police take her body up and her hair starts falling off, all of it seems to be cut off as I keep screaming mixed with tears, snot running into my mouth, making me cough, her hair keeps falling like feathers, not leaving her anything to fly with.

Her eyes stare at me,

as she is taken away.

You’re so beautiful you make me want to hate you.


Sorry I've written it quite a while ago and I've been busy and yay, here it is:D There's a lot coming up there so please feel free to request:)

Thank you and hope you liked it:)


Poison the Rose 2


  1. So mysterious... More please!

  2. will do :D thank youuuuuuuu :D keep checking the list, chapter 2 is request number 34, while chapter 3 is request number 45 :)