Sunday, 31 March 2013

She drains the sun.4

“I wish I could kill all the heteros, but looking at how long it took me to kill off my sister, it would take too long, they are dying off anyway.” She starts fiddling with her red hair and then her lips are all over mine again.

“Fuck.” She whispers and grins, her fingers sliding into my underwear.

“What if I were bisexual?” I ask.

Karen stops.

She starts laughing.

“You? You’re not, you’re as gay as day.” She traces her tongue on my clit, giving me shivers, pressing me on the bed as her tongue starts tracing everything between my legs, she starts sucking on my clit.

Now it’s my turn to say fuck.

“I had a bisexual, girlfriend, y’know, biggest shite of my life, brought home a dildo with balls.” Then she starts making motions with a hand above her head. “Fucking brainwashed, sex is dick, oooooh, we need a dick, here, here and here.”

And she sticks her tongue inside me.

I come.

“That’s more like it.” Karen soaks her fingers in my cum. “In theory nothing against bisexuals unless they’re fucking bigots. No, I don’t have anything against anyone who is not an asshole. I’d just want some people’s skulls under my feet.”

“Let’s get milk.” I say dry mouthed, looking at the older woman, having fear in my head, clouding my drink and I even cough slightly. The ice cream girl kisses me on the mouth, tongues licking, as she takes hers out, eyes opened and traces my lips with hers.

I start shivering, we’ll never stop having sex.

I spread my legs.

“Fuck you.” I say and she is above me, before sliding her pussy against mine and I give out a moan.

“Whacha gonna do about it school girl?” She licks my neck up to my lips, thrusting herself against me and I just keep moaning.

I feel paranoid.

How old is she?

“Nothing, just sex, lesbian.” I start frenching her as she keeps thrusting and I can’t even move, my whole body shaking, my clit soaked and I keep leaking more juices, biting her lips. Karen catches the game.

“Two lesbians fucking, is that what you like.” She grabs me with one hand by my cheeks, pulling my bottom lip, pulling my nipple.

I start whispering my moans until I scream, coming, hard, squirting onto the bed covers, my hair back and I look at the ceiling, how white it is and I can see Karen painting it even with her fingers, naked, and I come again.

I can’t stop shaking, my body shivering an orgasm after another as Karen watches before before she comes herself, squirting as well, our come mixing, becoming sticky and rubbing against our vaginas.

She kisses me. She consumes me, like a nightmare she eats me alive, making me paranoid with her existence as we head out and walk down the royal mile, holding hands as if I were her sister, long dead sister.

I wonder how she looked like.

In the middle of the festival, with people, she takes me by the cheeks again and kisses me,  eyelashes covering us as clouds. She’s like the night’s moon patronizing, gleaming through with it’s old wisdom and sins, spies on the rest.

What if she’s older than earth itself, what if Karen was eating an apple, we gays never die, we avoid evolution, we’re always here, we do not have to multiple, just like man eats meat, we eat heterosexuals, we are like parasites, but we all are, some eat meat, some eat injustice, we eat the people who will never give us rights at this moment.

Karen heads into a small newsagent and goes straight to the milk, choosing, her heart rainbow pinned to her white shirt, her yellow skirt shivering with the light cold summer.

I hear a woman mumble something in a language I don’t understand, something eastern and they walk behind her, one lifting her skirt and I hear them say “sin” and “gay”. The door of the shop closes. Now, I’m eating an apple I managed to quickly pay for and Karen takes out a knife from her pocket.

“Whore!” Now in English a woman yells and slaps Karen across the face. She points her finger at the ice cream lady.

“You turned daughter to devil!” She yells and takes a bottle of milk, opening it and pouring it over Karen. The mother then slaps Karen again, as her knife brushes against the woman’s cheek. “Daughter dead, but you alive!”

She says that and then grasps her cheek.

“HOMOPHOBIA IS ILLEGAL AND YOU KNOW THAT JUSTICE WILL BE ON MY SIDE!” And the woman gets stabbed, as Karen puts the small knife through her stomach, blood coming out, of the eyes she had stabbed with her boot.

“FUCKING HOMOPHOBE! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!” Snot falls on the woman, as Karen keeps yelling and I just stare as she finishes the woman off. I end up vomiting on the woman’s face, not because I want to, but because it’s so gross.

Me and Karen share a cigarette as she looks out on the Royal Mile, dark blue colouring the streets.

“Second killing. So many fuckers to go. I don’t think we need to feed off them anymore, I’d rather just die, but die without them.” The ice cream lady doesn’t say anything about the eastern daughter, instead she just tastes my fear on the tip of my tongue, growing like a plant deeper into my throat, reaching the throat and then she looks at me and kisses as the police comes by and takes us away into the dark blue velvet.


Well, here it is, I was always thinking these past days about it. I did it in two sittings, it's actually funny that Callie was asking me if I was going to kill someone off and I said that no, the story doesn't match it, yet here it is.

I love Karen's character and I love Alison's fear.

Hope you enjoyed it and I'm off to write chapter 5. Wanna read chapter 5? REQUEST!

Thank you


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