Saturday, 6 April 2013

Hill 2

Heathrow comes too early and I take out a sketchbook, bags already gone and children run around in circles, Harrods has overpriced toys and people eat too much chocolate.

I won’t have a Love, actually moment. I even had a Notting Hill moment, all these movies come from watching movies with girls I’ll never be interested in as their hands run through my shoulders and I just men, I want stubble, I want armpits.

In the end I go into the plane, without food, knowing I’ll be given a TV dinner with awful movies, pop music and random games to choose from. I only get female flight attendants so I do not get a male one, to kiss me when no one is watching and slide his hand into my zipper.

I gasp, realizing I had fallen asleep, my eyes running and I rub my sleeve against my face furiously and I go back to the bathroom again.


I start wanking, standing, not knowing where to ejeculate, but I don’t stop, we’ve taken off and the food should be soon. I come to the thought of food. I just walk out, coming back to wash my hands, wash my face, wash behind my ears, wash my neck before I got too much shite food and fish instead of meat which manages to stink up the whole fucking salon.


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