Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Paper Guns 3

“I dislike Beyonce as well.” Pixie said as we were both crumbled in the couch each holding a cigarette in our writing hand even if now computers were more useful for homework and et cetera.

Jansen had just highfived her as I watched how her skin wasn’t too dark, but not too light enough to be mixed and her hair was also bleached but kept that way and she smiled at me as I looked at her converse tied a bit unneatly, bending at every middle at least three times. In the end Pixie stood up and headed after Jansen to the kitchen.

I saw her kissing Pixie and I saw the other woman’s fake eyelashes and I just wanted to drink water so I had squeezed in between them.

“Maybe we should all go on a double date?” Jansen said to Pixie’s lips and I stopped, tilting water into my cup, nodding imagining how loud my girlfriend would laugh and would get herself a pint of anything and keep drinking, stealing other people’s cigarettes and talking about her latest tattoos.

Looking at her was like looking though a sketchbook and all her life, all her migraines and I nodded, it could be an idea.

I had met her in a gay bar, not in the way where you walk up to unknown to you people, but when you get met up by people you know.

It had been weird as I had talked to her.

“Who’s your girlfriend?” Pixie asked raiding our food supplies already. I looked at her and how bright her hair was. Mine would fade out to a similar fainted colour in a few weeks it was just too bright now. I watched her shorts not too tiny and her legs hidden by bright tights.

“I think you’ve seen her, she’s the one with too many tattoos in university.” I swallowed.

“Oh, Lucy?” Pixie asked, maybe gaydar existed, well it most certainly did when you’re not scared any more and you actually raise your eyes at women.

“Yeah, she used to be straight.” I swallow again, watching Pixie drink water. “She used to do art but then she dropped it.

Lucia keeps saying that she’d rather do history because either way she’ll gain money off art, she sells some sketches sometimes and she pondered with doing tattoos. I mean, it’s odd, she barely has any blank skin besides her face. I’m not telling you the details, but like, she’s really nice.

She used to pretend that she’s straight. I met her in a library and I think I had dated someone from her history class. She had glared at us as I had kissed my ex then and even stolen her glasses, leaving my ex without her frames. Didn’t suit her anyway.

I walked up to Lucia, asked her to give me a book as she was in platforms and she mistook it and said she wasn’t a dyke and not interested in woman. Looking back now, I think she was asking.” I just look at Pixie and her bright blue contacts and her interested smile.

Jansen had heard the story before.

“Anyway.” I pause. “It’s a big deal to come out, I saw her in the bar later she had been with some bloke who had ditched her and I just sat near her. I just hugged her.”

“That’s it?” Pixie asks. “When did you guys have sex?”

I smirk.

“Took quite a while for us to date.” I emphasize on date ignoring her sex question. “Lucia parents are highly homophobic, she moved to the UK a few years ago, her parents behind back in Latin America, so yeah. They still don’t take the fact that she’s bisexual, she mentioned bisexual and they can’t stand it, let alone her always dating women or a woman from now on. Just because the country allows homosexual marriage doesn’t mean that her own relatives are willing you know.

I never asked her why she showed up in the bar but then she told me that Matt knew her to be a lesbian and forced her out into a pub which has pride flags on the entrance. He apologized ditching her so that she’d open up, not the best idea but better than nothing and keeping her on the side. Lucia had never dated anyone since she couldn’t date females really. That’s why she drew and she only does tattoos from women, she said it felt like some connection, like sex, it stays with you and if it’s bad it fades eventually you know.

I took Lucia out, a few times, she’d end up browsing through the art section in stores or even random books in Urban Outfitters. I remember at the end of it she took out her camera and quickly took a shot before I hugged her. She started texting me a lot and even sending me kisses but then you always send everyone kisses, you know?

Then she asked me to be her girlfriend after a while. We kissed.” I smile.

“How was your first sex?” Pixie still asks, eyes happy from the story she heard, sometimes novels aren’t as god as reality. We didn’t die from AIDS and we are not sappy stereotypes.

“A strap-on, just like with Jansen.” I say, barely holding my laugh, poking Jansen with my elbow who has her face covered in her hands.

“Jansen? What do you mean?” Pixie bursts out laughing as Jansen exits the room, leaving both me and Pixie in hysterical laughter as our eyes meet.


Initially it starts off with I hate Lana del Rey, but now, I'm a fan and I've always hated Beyonce so there xD

I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to request:) as there are none in the list so far!


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