Sunday, 14 April 2013

Paper Guns 2

“What the fuck did Tegan and Sara do for us?” Jansen mutters with a cigarette muffling her voice as she blows out the smoke, watching it dissolve in her eyes as he hastily gets another drag. “It’s just like Zooey Deschanel, puts you off, like fucking brazilians muttering love yous in porn and you fucking think they’re saying that if the fucker doesn’t fuck them right they’ll shoot their fanny off.”

I just take my own cigarette.

She seems too anxious about the date or maybe because I’m meeting Pixie for the first time and

We both do smoke rings and Jansen raises her eyebrow at me as they clash.

“Try not to tell her how we fucked, please.” Jansen starts messing with the pillows on the couch.

I ruffle my hair, newly dyed green over bleach. Seems to smile at me in the morning unless I’ve got a hangover and I want to puke even on the stripe bedcovers on obviously my bed.

“Why not? That other girl.” I inhale and end up blowing smoke near her ass, her face and the other side of her body is busy with the pillows. “Naomi enjoyed it, fucking left, man.”

And I laugh like a horse.

And now I have no one to fucking tell me I should be more feminine, I mean I don’t go around pissing on walls whilst being drunk and then just waving at random passengers, something I had to do with a friend of mine and I just said nothing, drinking more from the alcohol bottle we’d snug out from a party.

I think I had told him I was a lesbian and he had asked me if I had fucked Jansen.

I asked him if I had to.

He just shrugged.

I think he was gay or bi, ended up moving to America, maybe San Francisco, should be fun, more gay bookstores anyway. I remember that we both had red converse. Knowing that we wore them each day until they fucking ripped, to make sure we’d embarrass the other. Good knowing that a guy doesn’t want to fuck you.

“Look, I told her we fucked, chill, man.” And she holds her hands up. I do feel like a parent and I hold the cigarette with my teeth trying to look fierce. In the end the bell rings and I hear Jansen clicking on her heels to the door, it’s in my mind really, since we’ve got carpets.

“Use protection, I don’t want you pregnant.” I scream and run after her. I wish I were a bit more skinny like Jansen. I end up clinging on her arm, grinning as she opens the door.

It’s not a cliffhanger.


Here :D and I'm off to finnish off the weird stomach bug xD Feel free to request :3


Paper Guns 3

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