Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Ian's Ghost

I don’t really end up believing in ghosts, even when I am drunk.

But I still see him a few times, just as miserable, something in the body already, he doesn’t do anything, you can feel some notes of vinyls coming out and he fades out as soon as the table is taken.

When I come in he is always with a drink, just sitting there, waiting for it to go by itself.

Once I sat where he was, he didn’t fade, I was looking through his eyes, through the eyes of death, maybe I was drunk

All colours faded and were bright

Just we all think

Death is unexplainable and I do nothing.


I was just browsing through final fantasy wiki and bumped into the post of Aeris' ghost and this came up, really. It took me a while to think what I wanted to do with Ian Curtis and Peter Hook (I've actually met Peter Hook and he is really really lovely) and Joy Division are my favourite band like musically I don't think anyone can match them, so it was a bit hard and I focused on my fiction instead for a while among studying, prelim period.

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed it!



  1. :3 your welcome, glad you enjoyed it:3

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    1. Apropos of nothing, have you thought of joining You have so many fics/chapters of fics, you could archive them there as well. There's a great community there.

    2. I'll check it out:D in more depth now:)

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    3. NP. I'm mod in the Question of The Day forum, but I don't own the site. I really hope to see you on that site.

  2. More please? :)

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