Monday, 4 February 2013

let's make straight offensive since they're such bigots

School is a place where the gay-straight alliance consists of people calling each other fags and making anal jokes and how lesbians don’t have sex.

Me and Jamie sat there as I sucked on a melon lollypop and soon enough we left. We couldn’t be bothered in saying a complaint, because there is no point.

Jamie still gets called a fag.

I get called a dyke and I listen to a storm of laughs for liking other girls. I feel as if we’re both alienated, both sitting, legs under knees, passing water due to the heat and reading any LGBT fiction we can both find.

We’re considered tolerant, our school is even when teachers laugh at gay jokes and everyone acts as if we are straight when I had made out with my brother’s ex in front of the school or Jamie had some explicit t-shirt of two men. No one bothered asking him to take it off, feeling that they might offend him, we never complain, never press charges. There is no point, so we just continue reading, passing water to each other as other people roll joints and smoke cigarettes among their “fags” because one had thought of another bloke.


Thank you:D hope you enjoyed this little piece:3 feel free to request more of this Alison/f :3


let's make straight offensive since they're such bigots 2


  1. You should write like a thing between Alison and Meg White:)

  2. I did write it once, tadah!

    I kind of mostly stick to gay stories or Alison/Jamie because they're terribly fun to write:) I'll see what I can do, but I can't promise anything. But if a plot surfaces for two leading women to date, I'll surely take them then :)