Saturday, 17 May 2014

Untitled 5Silence Seems To Feed Us 12

Love seems to be a Christmas cracker which Brian barges in with, his mood with the pendulum around his neck jerking towards cockiness as he just walked in, taking his coat off and demonstratively shaking off the rain of it onto the cream carpet which is older than all of us combined. 

I watched him as he threw the crackers at me, more gifts in a fancy bag and he walked on, waving at Alison and his next phrase was just as obscure as the shimmery dress he was in. 

“Since when are you into women?” I stop stirring the coffee, which Brian seemed to dunk milk in and I just shift uncomfortably in my chair. He just smirks, his eyeliner far too perfect and something I had shown him how to do years ago, while he had showed me mascara as we would apply, giggling, thinking we were something or someone we would never be. I take a sip and I close to eyes due to my impatience and I open them to see Brian laughing.

“You said you’d never be with a woman. That’s why your parents kicked you out.” That’s when I kick out Brian, grabbing him by the thick straps of his shimmery mermaid dress, the fucker looking at me with an amused face. 

“Oi, no need to get so heated, honey. There’s a reason to all. Maybe you decided to cling onto your worst fear.” And he burns my cheek with his kiss, as I grab the box of crackers, forgetting about the expensive gifts he brought in the Selfridges yellow bags under the table as I kick him back into the rain. When I walk past a dazing off Alison, I’m thankful my past is a bit off limits to her. 

“And fuck you too.” I say to Brian who smokes outside, the rain now gone and the flirtation always on when it comes to me and him from his useless side, I yell as I slam the window closed, Alison opening her eyes and I just stomp back to the kitchen, sexuality now no longer repressed. 


And I'm back with early The Kills :D and of course, I had to include Brian further into the story and I awfully ship them, but this isn't about them, he just shows up as an ex really, but yeah, he's a cheeky bastard here and it was interesting to write them in this setting when Jamie is in love with Alison solely. 

And yeah, I got inspired to write it by saying that well people still read it and recall it, because I really love this story but I just get shy and shift to other things which people read, so never hesitate to ask me about things, I easily pick up things and I love all my stories unless I say that for some reason I stopped, but I really don't xD 

And yeah, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I quite like the format of short snippets in this story and I wrote a paragraph of the next, so please tell me if you enjoyed it :3

and yeah, everyone should check Scarfo and listen to angsty Jamie, which is interesting since you only hear angsty Brian usually. 

And yeah, it's more of a Jamie centered chapter:)

Please tell me if you liked it and feel free to request :3



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