Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I Remember Thinking Murder

People fail at kissing scenes
People fail at sex scenes
Both banned in the mind
As the eyes are closed from a plastic pencil
Just because some didn't get fucked once
Even if it were in the back of the mind
The thought of touching your own
Never comes
Because you never touched another
The phrases one after another
The banality there
Just because it repeats
By a billion fuckers
The tension risen
As hands are tied to the feet
Some dumb fetish achieved
As all is questioned in the mind
Nothing formed
Just given
Even when you touch it's not enough
Melancholy under the bed
With the webcam
Selling whatever you do
As the hand goes down with the thought
Will this be banned
Smile into the webcam
Because none had ever touched themselves this way
The honest not needed
But rather a scream
With a few locked on the bed lesbians
As all is given
Just because you look around
The tongue which went deep
Got cut off
Because it shouldn't be there
With the guy coming in a second
Just because it's told
Head leaned back
It's all the tension you were given from the side
As no woman is wanted
Just a few scattered dicks
With a golden homosexuality
On a silver bitten by yourself chain
As you tried to break it
But you came
Caught in the act
Of some love
Which was written
Sunken into the skin
The person you fucked


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