Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I want to hold you close
So that the hug
Will choke
The air we hold
The silence we grasp
As the words will flow
Once it ends on mute
To maintain the thoughts
Above the covers
You hold so high
To which I'd jump inside
To fall
And see your face above
As a rainbow shows upon your brows
I'd kiss it off
The birthday cake
To pin you down
As if I'd were the one
You hold
But is it were the gaps end
When the reveals are exchanged
And the fear to admit
Is held
As the denial lingers upon those who deserve
Cut the knife
And it shall be thrown
Just because I saw the colour
Doesn't mean the others will
Or believe in a thing they'd see
As the canon is raised above
The cross
The sin
To carry
As the nose would seal
The envelope
With the given
As not all hold
What had been thrown
Growing out
Those chins
Which I want to smash against the walls
But, please
I do not want their blood on my hands
Not because the thought of an insignificant dare
Scares me
But because I won't wash it off
Even if you'd lick
Just to these
The things I saw
Until the covers glowed
In the dark
Which I had on my cheeks
Until you touched them
Peeled them off
Your hands
My skin
Let me kiss
So that
Would wake

Blank Devotion 25