Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hell 3

It’s interesting how something so eternal like the sea can freeze over and when you get a pond fish, you get nostalgia of something small.

I think if you bite your nails long enough you’ll get to your own elbow.

Women are weird.

They don’t react to you when you just say hi on the street because of the suicide rates or would be murder and rape? It’s not that I want to penetrate any of them, I just want to say him, just like I spit out water on myself on a warm day.

I look at myself in the mirror, I could shave my head, I could make myself bleed, I could have a migraine, I could have a need for food.

I start massaging my head, my tongue stuck out, my fingers strangling my eyelashes as I watch them fall, autumn again.

Paranoia over essays I’ve never done, just walked through school, met someone, memories give me cigarettes and pink sparkly lighters given over by women who are now girls. What if all are born little women with novels in hand and after penetration they turn into girls chatting away. I’m not sure I like women sometimes, they can cheat on you.

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