Tuesday, 22 January 2013


The needle goes through my lip and goes back, red fluid dropping down on the silk as the gloved fingers put something in my lips, tilting my head back.

I gasp, fingers going down my throat.

Another needle going through near my lip, another snake bite.

The snake has one tooth.

I see his lace socks, they’re yellow.

I gasp, out of breath, as the needle goes back in, a third time, letting blood thread as it goes out of my shoulder blade, like cobwebs knitting time as I collapse onto him,

Needles go into my mouth, pulling out my tongue, putting a heart as if it were drugs and not free candy for all the blood upon his pale skin, leaving traces of a disease, homosexuality.

He shoves another needle under my lip, yanking me forward, fingers going into my ears, muting out the noise, as he leaves a kiss, needles coming towards him, both coming out as they drop on the floor, no longer in either flesh.


I hope you enjoyed it:3

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