Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hell 7

There are awful things which you can see with your own mind and one of the things would be your own death. It doesn’t matter who is dead upon the petals, blood dripping to redden the roses like with a brush, there doesn’t have to be blood.

It’s about taking the trigger and seeing the plastic if it’s you or not. If it’s not you will see your death as if you had pulled the trigger and killed the person.

It’s about the funeral with no colours and cheap flowers and how they lay you to the ground. Death follows giving far blows, about people who you’ve never heard but being described as dead and it comes closer until you can’t give colour to yourself and those you loved.

It should be hard to burn a person with so much water, yet we get a silent killed, what if death were a decease where a person actually rots and we just leave it there to be eaten by worms?

I start seeing worms on my face and I open my mouth to let them crawl me in, I bend my back closer to the floor, legs tripping, I’ve seen dead therefore I am dead. Who knows who were looking at who in the funeral?


Thank you:3 I'd just like to note that there are no more Hell requests coming up, so if you love this story please feel free to request:3 and anything you wish so as well:3


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