Tuesday, 29 January 2013


It’s more than just a thrust. I feel him, his tongue up my clit and then back into my entrance, slowly, a bit painful until I get used and I gasp, my hips thrusting against his tongue. Alex stops moving his tongue and it’s just me thrusting against his mouth as his fingers slide on my skin.

It wasn’t a dance with both of us in heels, instead its more of tongues here and there from food which had been given to us and washed carrots, legs intertwined and through a few mentions of sex I am on his mouth, my hair tangling in my sweat, his hands sliding up, holding me like a card, playing me, slicing me with his fingers on my nipples and he yanks them forward and I collapse, taking Alex’s cock in my mouth as much as can, it’s the feeling of taking as much rather than gagging, stop right before, lick the tip harder and harder before I go on top of him.

I get out a moan as he goes deeper inside me and I pull myself down to kiss his neck, shoulders, lick his neck as Alex thrusts deeper, it’s a concept.


I'll be very honest, I'm sick of homophobia and so it happened that I had been writing this, I am not against heterosexuality, I am fucking against heteronormativity, please don't be a fucking bigot.

I hope you enjoyed it and yeah, I won't be further taking such requests as I'm starting to find it hard, please don't take it personal, I really love you:3

Thank you


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