Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Dagger In My Head4

“Sometimes I wonder if I’m not a lesbian. But then...” Kate is smoking besides me, we’re both naked, two women, we could be in a painting. “I remember during sex, what makes me orgasm. Sometimes I wonder if women with men can orgasm.”

“Then why are you with a man?” I ask her.

“Because you don’t let me in. Everyone gets lonely and it’s better with someone whose beauty you can appreciate, I’ll use a vibrator either way, it just doesn’t matter. Now Jamie eats bacon sandwiches, so I have someone to do them when Lila Grace is at school.” She says.

I close my eyes to catch the bliss left from the orgasms.

I kiss her goodnight, as she stays over and I leave her in my bed, heading to the couch, then turning around and going to the bathroom, taking a bunch of hairpins and pinning my hair, knowing that Kate won’t be a reflection in my mirror, but rather a painted flower on my bed covers, a soiled bed which will leak forever from the fluids released, I’ve changed mattresses.


I hope you enjoyed it and I've got a lot in store really >:D (evil laugh)

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  1. It's good, really good. Short but intense. Makes me beg for more.

  2. Thank youuuu :D

    Next chapter is request number 44 sorry for the long wait >.> and my exams are coming @.@

    thank youuu:3


    1. Don't stress, we'll wait. I'm already done with my exams (for now), so I totally get what you're going through :()
      Sometimes I wonder what actually pushed me to become a doctor? Oh, I'm a good person and I wanted to help people O_o I'll die from exhaustation before I even get the papers and start working. Fuck the studies.

  3. Cheers:D but once I'll be in summer I'll surely be writing more, yay :D
    That's how I feel, I'm already sick of tests and exams and yeah o.o gah. And the pressure is awful, absolutely awful D: