Monday, 6 May 2013


I kept taking the hoodie out, seeing a hole in a sleeve, knowing that nearly all of Jamie’s wardrobe was the same and I’d inhale his smell, wondering how his parents looked like and what would he say. I walked and talked to my parents as well, Matthew being more silent, his hair still looking bad as he was desperately trying to grow it after turning an age where mom could no longer cut it as he would wail too much.

Dad didn’t bother as apparently he had long hair before, but parents tend to forget their own youth for whatever reason, I used to think that the roses of marriage swell up with all the rain and in the end they fall and that seemed to be it. But unlike other guys I’ve crushed on I could see Jamie growing old and grinning, wearing scarves and boots. I could see him still going for cheap wine sometimes, I could see his hair shorter, maybe still wearing a nose ring, I could see him and that was what mattered.

I could actually see him in my future, I could see us in his London apartment, I could still see him excitedly knocking on the window, that scene makes me grin so much that I wish I could hide behind a curtain of waves, but I don’t, I just show how interested I am until I can leave.

I come back to Jamie’s to see him shirtless, playing the guitar, smoking, eyes closed, hair longer than my own and I hug him from behind. He stops playing just to lean back and nuzzle my neck with his nose.

I’ve only got three days left and I kiss him until our shores will divide.

Jamie tells me to pick up the guitar and I do, after he sees that my fingers can’t seem to hold the chords he just tells me to play and I hesitate. I see a black nail varnish bottle lying under the couch, so I bend over, feeling Jamie looking at my ass as he slides a hand under my underwear, lifting my shirt slightly up, kissing my waistline, but I hold myself and I get the small bottle.

I plug the guitar into the amp and these weird noises come out and Jamie shows me a finger and gets a second guitar and a very dusty amp. The amp makes a few screeches and the wire had been fixed by duct tape and even by a white t-shirt torn in pieces, but I keep playing and Jamie joins in, pulling me on top of him, pulling my lips, biting my neck, taking off his jeans and my own.

I’m trembling, but I keep playing.

Jamie keeps misplaying as he is inside me, our bodies don’t touch a lot and I want to put the guitar down, but he doesn’t let me, instead our guitars crash and they make a noise, I think Jamie breaks a guitar string and my arms are shaking, my orgasm building strength, I start screaming and Jamie starts screaming, our mouths beginning to bleed from our teeth and fuck, it’s sexy, I open my eyes to see his and I see me on the floor, Jamie on top and then he pulls me back up, our broken strings tangled and I start thrusting harder, I taste his blood, I move his hair with my teeth.

“I love you.” I breathe out, my hair entirely wet, I keep shaking, getting orgasms in a row as Jamie keeps coming inside me, until I realize something and so does Jamie.

“Fuck!” He wants to pull off, but I come again screaming and Jamie screams.

“Fuck, I love you, I love you, I love you.” And he fucking comes inside me, thrusting hard, blood trailing down his neck and I’m sure it’s the same with mine.

Jamie stays inside me, because there’s not much point and we fuck again.


This surely has to be well, according to me, one of the best sex scenes I've ever written. I actually was rereading Fiji yesterday while thinking what to write next and I fell in love with my characters once again, I really love them, both Alison and Jamie here. I love their love and their passion and even how reckless they are XD yes, my favourite fact is that they forgot about a condom XD

I had the idea of breaking them up and making them meet many years later but instead Alison thinking about her future with Jamie was done instead, so that's not what is going to happen, but yes, I know the ending XD and trust me I'm as much of a fangirl as you are over Fiji :D

aaaah AlisonxJamie foreveeeeer :D (confetti party with Alison and Jamie photos everywhere)

hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, please please please request XD and a new chapter will be coming up tomorrow or so! :O so keep checking dundunduuuun! :D

Thank youuuu!





  1. nice story, i like it...

  2. Thank you so much:)

    The next chapter is up and please do feel free to request the next chapter:3