Saturday, 4 May 2013

Special K

If you give a handful of jelly bellies to a newborn, it will choke and die.

I quickly take off the coat, after the colour blue changes from pink and I exit the hospital, not wanting another child from Karen and making sure no coat was seen anywhere and that’s the benefit of a small clinic.

I had always wondered how would human flesh taste like so I even bit the child’s limb, feeling blood circulating in my mouth until enough saliva mixed with it.

And I swallow the piece off the bone, it felt salty mostly due to the blood and metallic.

I end up vomiting behind the parking lot, blood coming out, but I know that the blood is not mine.

I don’t have a shotgun to carry around and show how I was an avoidant child due to my mother. Instead I keep going, knowing that I can be caught, but I have no shotgun and it’s not that easy to kill oneself. Instead I have a date, so I keep walking, leaving my car parked and keep going on the empty morning streets, knowing that I should try sex first rather than something else, something I had read in a magazine while I was waiting for the delivery and for sleep to cling onto Karen.

She was waiting for me in a jeans’ store just like my brother had cheated on his girlfriend with a girl who sold jeans. While I had been walking towards the store a woman tried flirting with me by standing in the same way I had been, grinning at me even if I still have a gold ring around my finger.

I keep it to make some women lay off and attract the right women.

While I was walking to the hospital earlier a woman had died in my arms, she had been hit and I called the 911, giving her breathing exercises and trying random heart massages even if she was dying from blood loss and her brown hair was escaping from my lap, eyes closed and big lips opened wide and hoops dangling in blood, building webs of left life until she opened her eyes, looked at her nails and died again.

So I met Alison in that jeans store with her glasses round and we didn’t have sex, I’m not too much of a straight man, I’ll be the one making pancakes and crying over Weekend.

Then I look at Alison with her lips, her glasses

“I’m gay.”

And I don’t see the point anymore.


I had a day full of great ups and downs, so all the ideas came from today's scattered thoughts, the story ended up being different than intended, in the beginning:

Hold on, this is an Alison/Jack, I can't just leave it as a tragic weird Lana/Jack. Mind you I randomly stuck Lana in and let her die again without thinking of her being in the story xD

Then, well, I was planning it to be straight. I tried, ok? I really tried XD I failed, I'm a rainbow lol XD

And now, I'm off to bed.

Oh, the title is Special K because it was the last song I listened to while writing and I checked ketamine and seemed appropriate and there's also the cereal. And the story is open to interpretations :D

Thank you

Hope you enjoyed it


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