Monday, 27 July 2015

24 hours

There was a stabbing
Of the foot with the belt,
Two drawn paintings on the wall,
A broken plate
Sleep at eight am,
Broken phone calls,
Cat bites,
Confused second desires as a reply to an echo,
It's alright
And a spinning head.


Me and Callie had a very eventful past day and Callie was joking that all this happened and then I just got inspired to write a poem. It started off with a broken plate going to Callie piercing her foot with a belt which was lying on the floor to me painting to hearing Kill's Echo Home (just a snippet but it's AMAZINGGGG) and since we're catsitting, cat bites. XD

I hope you enjoyed it and don't mind when I post poetry again :)

tell me if you liked it, obviously xD



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