Saturday, 2 July 2016

So you can sink.3

Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! 
     Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! 
The world is holy! The soul is holy! The skin is holy! 
     The nose is holy! The tongue and cock and hand 
     and asshole holy!”
- Allen Ginsberg

I watch him, as he laughs from me dodging the question. If I were on a seat, I would go onto the edge, feeling excitement already.

I enjoy... quite a lot of things.” He holds the pause as we both take out of own cigarettes, it's like coming with your own condoms. Speaking of condoms, the idea of going unprotected seems awfully and strikingly beautiful as I imagine coming inside him, but that would be for him to decide. I watch his stubble clash against his make-up and we do look like actors, so for tonight we're okay. I look around to make sure that it seems to be calm enough, but we should both refuge in a hotel of sorts and the sooner the better, because night hadn't fallen with alcohol to make sure that people turn homophobic. I couldn't possibly kiss him now and a lady walked by us, even if she seemed to be the threatre type and she had seen the play, she would surely bat us with an umbrella for being gay.

I think we should go elsewhere for sure.” I bite my lip, looking at him. I feel terribly excited from fucking a stranger and thankfully I have a coat on. Miles just nods at me and the fact that we had drank alcohol didn't help with staying calm. “I'm staying at a hotel. You can certainly join me for the night.”

Miles grins wider, surely a night proposal is much more arousing and I desperately wish we could go hand in hand, but not in a desperately homophobic country, where they already start giving us sideway glances, knowing exactly how we will discard the night this time. It's not that long of a walk, even if we were going to the opposite direction, I have to be the one to guide my companion through the city, which just leads me to the question of what is he doing here, while I was visiting my relatives, allowing myself to sneak out like a teenager with make-up on, walking through the old neighbourhoods and the schools, allowing the memories to see me for who I am – a fabulous flamboyant homosexual man, after all the years of hiding, confusion and trying out women here under my parents' dictatorship.

But I don't speak to him about the past, even if I happen to always be the leading man when it comes to pre-coital chatter. But tonight it's different. Miles looks at me and we both smile innocently, knowing how harsh the sex awaits us and I hope that it will be nothing disappointing as well. I don't think there is anything as bizarre as walking towards sex, because what else can you even discuss with a ridiculous erection?

It slowly starts drizzling by the time we are the hotel and I recall it being built as I was growing up, it was quite a fancy spot and for anyone getting a salary in the current currency, it would be a nightmare to afford this and I had booked it earlier, knowing that I would most likely run into some queer who were just as horny as I had been. I didn't know what my parents would think of me spending the night elsewhere, so I hastily texted them, thankful that I had taken their offer of a local SIM card.

Miles just kept looking around and with his English, I wondered where did he decide to stay. By now it was fully raining, but my head was filled with the ideas of pinning him down entirely. I wished I had taken some toys with me, but I could still make use of whatever I had. We went upstairs after collecting the keys from a very confused lady at the hotel counter, but she acted professional once we paid. Miles followed me and in the elevator I just held even more, feeling uncomfortable with the CCTV.

The room was your average hotel room with a window, which I closed as soon as I went in. Miles walked behind me and stroked my pants, very pleased to find my cock there. I moaned from too much frustration which we had been holding for a while.

So what is it that you like?” I asked him.

Miles instead started undoing his tie, handing it over to me. I bit my lip, watching him decide to take it further and start unbuttoning his shirt, slowly exposing his skin. I mirrored him, taking off my own tie and unbuttoning my shirt. Then I stepped forward, allowing our lipsticks to mix in a messy match, as we kissed slowly, Miles grabbing me quickly to him so that our erections rubbed through all the fabric and I could hear him moan slightly. We were far too turned on and the idea of continuing this torture was something we both had planned.

Would you like me to tie you up, then?” I asked, trailing my mouth down to his neck and sucking on it harshly, leaving a lipstick trace underlying the bite mark which was growing on its darker colour.

Yes, Alex.” He said, holding me. I pushed him onto the bed, still in his pants and I picked up my own tie. Thankfully the bed was such that it wouldn't be a struggle with its bed frame to tie his hands to and same for his feet. Maybe they had that in mind, after all who didn't enjoy some variation to sex but I assumed that they had gotten some kinky straight couples, since we gays would pretend not to exist here just for our own sake.

I went onto the bed, putting my hand over his pants, feeling his cock so nicely erect as I traced my fingers all over it, wondering how it would feel in my mouth and how beautiful it will look once he's undone. I thought briefly of what I were to do, realizing that if I were to tie up his feet I wouldn't be able to spank him, so I figured that feet would have to wait until next time or so. I motioned for Miles to turn around and he did, exposing his ass. I pulled his pants down, showing him completely, his underwear non-existent and probably had the same kinky thinking when he left his hotel.

I took each tie, grabbing Miles' hands harshly and tying each to one of the frames. I had to get up to get my scarf and tied it around Miles' mouth, patting his cheek, whispering to him to show two fingers if he needs me to stop, getting a nod from Miles.

Now, he was all mine. I started from kissing the back of his neck, down his shoulder-blades, as he stood on all perfect fours. His hands were a bit loose, just to make him comfortable enough and to stand properly. I undid my zipper. That was all he was going to get for now.

I inserted two fingers in him at once, causing Miles to whine from the lack of lube and sudden action.


I put my other hand on his cock, gently tracing the tip of his head, just to make him far more desperate. I kissed Miles' back, licking it down, thrusting harsher with my fingers, getting him ready.

I removed the fingers, stroking my cock between his ass, spreading his ass cheeks, as he groaned while I started teasing his entrance with my cock, slowly putting it in and out, allowing Miles to complain wordlessly about me taking my time. I kept an eye on his right hand of course.

Then I spread him out even more, before fully thrusting inside, causing a rather loud noise from Miles.

You don't deserve anything slow, dear Miles.” I said between breaths as I was thrusting very fast and deep inside his ass. He kept groaning and pulling his hands, so that he could touch himself and all I did was squeeze his cock once, tracing my finger up to see him leaking, as wet my finger with it, tracing a bit more, as I could understand that his moans were now of pleasure.

I rubbed his ass cheek, before giving it a rather loud slap, causing Miles to exclaim something loudly, so I hit even harder and harder, stopping myself from fucking him, even taking myself out of him. Miles was clearly displeased as I put my hand on his cock, tracing the underline with my one finger, as I kept slapping him harshly before putting my cock back in and pulling him harshly towards me, the ties around his hands, pulling him back and I put my hand on his throat, chocking him from behind as Miles whined even more.

I was getting heavily excited, making my thrusting much slower and shallow.

Miles was clearly complaining, trying to thrust against my hard cock, his cock leaking completely as much as it can. I felt myself grow very near and I gave a huge thrust, causing Miles to gasp even with the tie in his mouth as I put my hands on his nipples, squeezing them surely painfully, keeping on the rhythm.

His ass felt amazing, he was tight-

I started moaning very loudly, even calling his name as I thrust deeper and deeper, coming up his ass. Thrusting completely against him, filling him up. Miles kept wincing, because I didn't even bother to touch him yet. I undid his scarf hastily and the ties. As I went out of him, I could see cum go out.

Suck me.” I said, nearly breathless as I wanted him to clean me up and come again only in his mouth.

You can touch yourself now.” Miles grabbed his own cock just as hungrily as he took all of my cock in his mouth. It felt amazing, as I leaned my head back, pushing him onto my cock further only to make him gag heavily and cough. “Suck on it, you filth.”

Miles kept working on my cock, even if tears had clouded his eyes from all the gagging, pumping his cock with his hand. Soon enough, Miles moaned and came in his hand, thrusting against his hand for a while. I watched him unravel completely and slowly start licking my cock instead.

Did I tell you to start licking?” I gasped and thrust deep in his throat again, feeling myself unwind as well as I screamed and came down his throat, Miles still gagging as I kept thrusting in and out, cum coming even more out of my cock.


It took me 2 hours to find the perfect quote and even then I'm not entirely sold on it, but I like it and I wanted to quote someone from the Beatniks. 

I can't exactly recall where I got the motivation from, but I was surely sitting in makeup and thinking about it, so I decided to take it after not updating for a whole year. I also put it up in the main links for everyone to admire xD

I've gone back to old meds and I feel much better now and I've been writing like crazy even before I get out of bed, so I wrote 1.3 words of sex shortly after waking up. 

I like the setting, it's quite homophobic dystopian like Callie had told me. I have no idea how it is to be walking around with makeup exactly, so this was me throwing darts in the dark and from what I recall back when I lived there. 

Decided to make Alex top, was something I wasn't even fully feeling, but I've been awfully distant from the milex community because I'm not sold on Alex being a sole bottom and I don't like the charactarization I read in most milex fics, so I've been reading Gryles and Kylux recently. So it was a sort of... fuck you, because I'm really not sold on it and I don't like it, because it really borders with fetishization just like yaoi is. Sorry if that was harsh.

It's really weird to write sex scenes because well I can't really do anything until I'm done with them, so it's really a sexual torture and at the same time you have to remain sane and writing, instead of drooling over the keys. 

I hope you enjoyed it and if you did, please tell me so:)

Thank you




  1. I finished these 3 chapters this morning and been trying all day to get this to sound right - hope it will.
    I'm intrigued by the story line but find your end-notes even more interesting (and you should know I love your stories). Actually interesting is not the right word but I'm not good with words... Sometimes I wish there was someone I could sit down with and discuss the issues you bring up. I'm sorry I'm rambling.
    Take care and I hope you'll never stop writing ❤

    PS. I love the sex-with-a-stranger idea ...
    And the sex scene - I can't even (I'll just blush and give up on words). There's things I'd never do (for personal reasons) but I can see why some will be turned on by it...

    Again, sorry for the rambling!

    1. Thank you!!! I really love doing end notes and sometimes I get more anxious about them than the actual chapter xD
      I'm always happy to discuss elsewhere if you want :) Sorry for the late reply, though! I've got every IM possible to be honest xD
      I remember once I was scared that what if I'll run out of my ideas and I think my dad told me that I haven't run out of ideas in like 17 years (I'm roughly guessing when I asked that) then I never will and that kind of keeps me going:)

      Sex with strangers is just such a huuuuge topic of discussion xD But hey everyone has it's own take and actions on it whether they would do it or not:)

      And no worries, about the rambling! :)

      Super happy that you loved the story!