Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day Twenty Eight

I get afraid of the thought.

I get afraid of the journal itself.

I shove you in my drawer.

I threw in the waste bin.

I had to walk up, coughing, with the covers wrapped around me, the wires pinning me to the bed, as I knocked the bin down grabbing you with my toes.

I wrapped my arms around you, pulling you closer, realizing that you are nothing.

Empty, blank with my scribbles from earlier. I curl to sleep as you lull me into my nightmares.


Basically my thoughts are filled with winning Script Frenzy with The Gray Fear which is a rather sick, humorous and erotic (if you can call weird peeling off skin parts that) script with sexuality stereotypes with a dark tint which everything I write has.

Yes, I'm in love with it, because asexual is cool.

Asexual is the main character, which is a female, which I don't usually do, maybe she is as cool as Roberta or maybe even cooler.

Day Twenty Nine

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