Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Day Twenty Six

It eases me.

I press myself into the touch.

Into the blue-gray.

I wake up to see my sister crying.

She presses the bracelet into my hand. I stare at her.


She puts it on my arms, the one without the wires.

I’m the Noah who drowns.

I write her that and she cries a lot, as I stare at her, feeling my eyelids drop.

I’ll sink in their tears.

I want the gray blue.

I tell her that.

She doesn’t understand and takes it the other way round.

I see her destroying machines which plump liquid into my body. But she doesn’t. The nurse walks in.

When will I see the blue gray?

You should be Noah’s chosen. The other. The one who-

Floats on the gray blue. The one who-

Day Twenty Seven

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