Monday, 25 April 2011

Paperbag Writer. Day Twenty Five

I feel worse as I wake up, the pain not bearable.

I want this to end. I consider doing something, as I feel worse.

They tell me it’s the side-effects. I want to sleep, but they hold my eyes opened, telling me to hold myself conscious at least an hour.

I don’t get any visitors asides from my crying parents, wondering how come I was here. They make me feel worse. I ask, I write the nurse to keep them outside when I’m conscious as I feel sick watching their tears dry out as new ones fill their eyes.

I curl awake for an hour, feeling better, before I get another dose of whatever it is. I feel my body burning, but I feel better. I feel numb as I stare into the window, not making out the clouds, but just stare into the blue gray mix, wondering if it will surround me from now on

Day Twenty Six

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