Thursday, 7 April 2011

Paperbag Writer. Day Seven

I expect it to be different, calm actually as I banned the guitarist named Lars to stride inside with the guitar in his lap. Instead I get another visitor. I stare at a blonde head guy walk in his school uniform a matching blue jacket and shorts which make me wonder but then I realize that the weather is rather hot and the drenched jacket hints of the outside rain. He walks inside and a familiar dark head behind him with their fingers intertwined.

Heeey, our love is eternal.

Yumi greets me and introduces me Mr. Goldilocks. He says his name is Dalton. I raise an eyebrow realizing that I haven’t known anyone with that name. He laughs as his eyes sparkle with his locks. Shake them, baby, shake them, ew. They laugh at inside jokes forgetting me in the end. So do I, I draw sheep and Lars wanks musically, he just had an orgasm thinking of Chris Martin, fucker. They all looked so idealistic up to the point that they looked like from a magazine cover. They looked all posh and celebrity-like Yumi in her designer clothes and Dalton still in his posh school uniform.

Are you happy, Yumi?

I sigh and cross it out before even showing it to her knowing the answer just by judging her bright face.

Day Eight

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