Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Please Do Swallow

It’s a swift motion with the cock up and down up to the point that I don’t recall by the end of the day what do I suck and what I inhale and I watch myself touching to the flicking channels from my fingers as I inhale and exhale.

I watch the smoke, touching myself to it and grinning, sometimes giving out a laugh as the cock gets harder and how soft it goes if there is a speech or some ad and how it grins at all of the ladies’ teeth and just wants to leak in their insides.

It’s thrilling how fast we want to go in, leave a trace and go outside.

So I touch myself, stroking my balls and then taking off my shirt.

I let my cock kiss the couch and I laugh more looking at the laughing ceiling.

And then I drop it to look at a female singer and I just leave my cock hanging and my cigarette leaving the scent in the room and I realize I miss her, so I just touch the tip of my cock and I take the finger off a little spider string going from my genitalia to my finger until it breaks and I repeat it, worried, nervous, as I watch her speak.

I stand up, a bit shaking and I press my cock against the screen, directly in front of her mouth so that every letter on which she closes her mouth is a suck and I moan back, knowing how her mouth feels.

I go down on myself, I wonder why couldn’t I self suck, but I just tease the base of my cock until I start stroking it harder, aiming at her mouth.

She swallows.

And I think I can hold a gun to my head.

Just to see the screen.

And so that the sperm will mix with the blood and they will plaster the screen and so that no one will see who did I touch myself to, besides Courtney who knows it and who I call instead on the phone and do touch myself to with the cigarette being the isolator with its smoke.


As requested by an anon. I hope you liked it, it's a lot shorter than expected, but I like it this way, sorry about that.

Feel free to request

<3 Two inhaling old ladies

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