Sunday, 26 February 2012

cover me in varnish from head to toe

“Look at yourself in the mirror after you shower.” Jamie said once, maybe after brushing his teeth and I sat on the bathtub, eating an apple.

“Why?” I laughed, my hair in a low ponytail just so that nothing would bother me as much, it still felt unusual, but I sat on the edge, knowing all his girls and that one he had fucked doggy on the toilet.

He just told me to look and I just stayed there for a while, maybe waiting for the steam to lure Jamie in after all the air would stop being my coat and I would see which areas of my body would be needing a shave tomorrow and I would steal his razor again while laying in his bathtub, maybe as he’d talk to some girl and I would wonder if I should do my nails and I would, into a bright red colour, because that’s how the girls he likes look, so I stand here with the nails red.

He peeks in.

Jamie sees the nails and says they are nice.


It has the Untitled 5Silence Seems To Feed Us feel and most likely it is just a future scene from it from Alison's point of view.

I like writing short stories, like short and grasping and Alison and Jamie.

I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to request for tomorrow.

Light Upon The Dancefloor


  1. More! More! More Alison and Jamie!!!! Perffably short stories!!!! (sorry for the crap grammer and spelling)

  2. Will do:3

    Today there will be a short Alison and Jamie short story posted a bit later and also on Wednesday, now that you've requested:3