Saturday, 11 February 2012

Untitled 5Silence Seems To Feed Us 2

She kept back and she’d buy vinyls of bands I suggested and lost and she’d just go with them. She surely had much more money than I did, I still felt as if I were buying condoms every day in Tesco.

I would wait until she would crawl in my apartment and we’d both light cigarettes not talking too much and then I would raise my eyes to merely stare at her and she would smile back.

I could’ve offered to show her around but she seemed to know her way already, going into streets I’ve forgotten where I had wanted to take her hand, the passion merely fading out as her blush would go and the gazes would be more intense as if someday we’d marry and juggle babies on our hands only the difference would be that on the photos we’d smile even if there would be alcohol and lying in a bed with insomnia.

I invited her over to sleep once and I remember just laying on the floor, a spare pair of covers which I had just borowed being too hot and Alison had actually started talking more about herself, how she had been singing and how I would love to lick her voice and I just sat up, watching Alison light a cigarette in the bed.

“Can’t sleep?” Alison asked a bit quietly, giving the situation a more of a dreaming feel and I just wanted to go under the covers with her, hold her and go on top, plunging my tongue in as she’d clench for my shirt and maybe tear it off.

I just stood up and went on one half of it.

“It’s my bed.” She moved.

I switched sides and closed my eyes.

Alison went to get some tap water, still feeling a bit uneasy about it and I could her the water running even more and maybe she had been shaking as the days of her left in London were actually running to a countable few.

Standing up was easy but seeing her just fall asleep on the edge of the tub with the head pressed against the wall was harder. I wondered if I should’ve thrown her in and let the layers of water just take over her as I’d hold her shoulders and only then I’d go inside her, watching her eyes not find me in the only spot the vision is dried on.

I could’ve slapped her to wake but instead I put my fingers on her cheeks, stroking it, slightly pulling her shirt collar to touch the neck skin and breathe in her, as I’d strap her legs around me and twirl us for a bit so that she would wake and I’d not let her wobble to sleep, instead she asked me to twirl her more and I wondered if then the room had felt so small and her arms were around mine.

“London hates you.”

Someone said that line and I recall kissing her briefly and her hands clutching the back of my head and how her feet would try to make their way around the hips and how between kisses there would be tongue on the neck and how she cried a bit saying that she wanted to go home, not knowing.

I wanted to be her home and

“My home is your home.” Maybe London would be home with all the magazine cut outs all over and all teh glue sticks gone missing.

“I love you.”

And I twirl her.

And we don’t have sex until we both say so and how everything spins once I’m inside and I wonder what would lack of sleep be as I thrust in and Alison was just as tense and I stopped as she cried.


And that is the end of part two. I'm still recovering from everything, but I'm on my break from Tuesday, so I'm more rested? xD

Request for the next chapter really.

Thank you

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