Monday, 27 February 2012

Light Upon The Dance Floor

You know when that girl is just too good for you?

The way she hurls herself on stage and clothes seem like nothing, not just because it’s all too tight but because the sweat on her is still even dropping into her drink and she laughs.

I stare at her and I wonder how would it feel when she was younger, when I was younger and how would it feel if I’d snuck out and maybe it would be a small venue, maybe the New Year’s lights would be around with a few pumpkins lying under all the feat and girls would be in fishnets, listening and I would stand there.

“Alex?” Alison asks and her hair is now behind her, revealing the freaky blonde roots and I hold myself from poking them and I just smile, keeping the straw there, something I grabbed for an anecdote and she just smiled and I recall looking at her heels and wondering if I grabbed her and held her, would it be higher than her heels?

And then maybe the confetti would fall or some music would play as her arms would be around.


She repeats my name and I do nothing, bending the straw in my fingers three more times.

I look at her drink, I drink her drink.

She drinks my drink.

Maybe it should be New Years.

And I would twirl her on the dance floor.

“Alex?” This time she is even laughing. Does she wear dresses which I can lift up as I take her to bed or in a morning hangover with her feet in my face and I get woken by a kick of her stretching out?

“Would you dance?” But I’m not in a tux. I’m in this jacket I had bought yesterday, not even checking it properly, so it’s a bit short on the arms, but I don’t bother and my hair went a bit down and her roots show too much and she looks like a rainbow ballerina, but I get her to the dance floor anyway and the music doesn’t seem to bad until you stop minding it and the hands just tremble really for a brief second.

Should I be a moron and not touch her hips? Waist?

Waist and go to the hips as her eyes glance around.

Jamie Hince is married.

Jamie Hince is married.

Jamie Hince is married.

“Would you marry me since Jamie Hince is married?” And it sounds wrong and it is a joke or rather a mumble of words and she doesn’t hear half the sentence but I don’t know which half.

And Alison just keeps dancing or rather her eyes are fixed on me and I look at how her eye pencil was used today and the song changes and the other three after it do and couples change, but we’re still on the dance floor and I wonder if we’ll head out for a smoke.

We eventually do, but Alison dances a bit as I light her cigarette and we’re just as mute, the crap music taking our tongues and I quickly glance into her mouth as she exhales the long smoke and eventually presses a kiss upon my lips, as I take her cigarette and I held them both between my fingers, as she gives her tongue in and presses me closer.

Maybe I should’ve looked when I was younger and bought a ticket to be among those fishnets, maybe just to have someone to wank to instead of barely remembering anything besides the nipples or the birth mark on the neck of the women I’d touch myself to.


I'll be honest I love it xD I myself was writing and enjoying it myself as I quite love Alex Turner despite my massive mockery hatred for the Arctic Monkeys. Being honest, really.

It's a more humorous piece unlike my usual, so I hope you enjoyed it and I am even quoting the Jamie Hince is married bit, I can fan girl over my work even if I do not look as cool as Morrissey in a The Smiths t-shirt, I'll still brag about it.

Thank you and I hoped you enjoy it feel free to request and I am open to anything new and any new pairing you can dare me :)

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