Thursday, 2 February 2012

And She'd Take Off The Stars

“She’d look like a schoolgirl, despite her lately older appearance and my own.”

“She’d be walking down those streets with an apple in hand and maybe she’d be throwing it up and catching it.”

“Or maybe she’d buy those sushi sets for a quid.”

“I think I’d stalk her as she tries to find a mirror to find the correct shade of red gloss.”

“She’d be a teenager and I think I’d always be the same edge and her hair would be black and be shorter, maybe a bit above her shoulders or maybe too short and she’d laugh too loud.”

“I think portraying her innocence would be too dumb.”

“She wouldn’t be a virgin.”

“But she’d have the grin.”

“You don’t just open up to the public.”

“Most likely she just said to a few friends under a smoke with the eyes closed.”

“What else would she do?”

“I think she’d just stand there maybe a bit nervous and the lipstick would nearly go up her elbows with all the pencils and everything as she even starts drawing patterns nervously and her hair never reaches her eyes, the fringe being to short so the option of kissing the hair away doesn’t exist.”

“So I just wait there, being an assistant, I can’t seem to picture myself when young, so I just walk up to her.”

“You just can’t say.”

““Hi, Alison?” Yeah, I can’t. So I don’t indeed.”

“I think you’d stare at her.”

“Yeah.” And I just stare at Jack for a minor second, lighting the cigar and releasing the smoke through his nostrils as I stare at him and then I just take the glass of nearly finished whisky and drink it.

Jack keeps watching me and I pour more whisky.

I wonder what would happen if Alison would walk in with her newly pink hair and my eyes seem to be watery. I feel as if I’m one hundred and one. I wonder what would she say if she would choose the cheap sushi or the apples.

“So what would you do?” Jack asks me again, maybe knowing that my ring is heavier than his which is no longer with him. I close my eyes.

“I’d kiss her.” I say softly.

“Really? Just like that?” He smirks softly, biting the end of the cigar, watching me, fixing his hat.

“Yeah.” I shrug my shoulders. “Why not? It’s just a thought and I like Boots.”

I don’t know why I said that, I’ve just walked in there a few times to see Kate on the ads and trace her hair for a bit and get a few questions by the shop assistant who looked too blonde for me, but I smiled.

“Well.” It was too short our replies and Jack wouldn’t be the assistant any longer, I was the assistant now staring at the girl and wanting to kiss her so badly. But what would I actually do? Raise her skirt and stroke her thighs before going on my knees and pulling her so that I would be able to suck.

Or would I just strip her from her clothes.

Or would I do nothing at all?

“Do you like sushi or apples?” I ask her, but Alison doesn’t say anything, my mind cannot decide so she has both in her bag. I think she is beautiful.

She is, so I smile and I give her a shade I think would suit her and she just silently takes it, thanking me and then I touch her short hair.

I press my nose against it and her whole body eases like after our first orgasm when we both didn’t know we would come up with tension as we just lay and Alison recalled those glow in the dark asteroids and stars her brother used to have and she would sneak in when he would sleepover at friends.

I suggested her to get them.

And we did.

Before she went on the staircase.

Well, it was the last time we properly kissed.

Pulling close and full of lust, then she went on the staircase and I cling onto her waist, kissing it.

“I love you.”

She put the first star up.

“I want you.”

She put up an asteroid.

“I love you too.”

She replied and kissed me. We were both shaking.

No, we had kissed, a lot, but everything, everything I’ve tried to do was gain the tension before the stairs.

I remember us talking about rings once we’d get richer, before we had confessed, the love letters seeming to escape us.


It just can't be longer. It's the way it is and sad indeed. I like how the title is actually the ending, well, the inspiration was from The Last Goodbye video.

The whole schoolgirl idea came as well in a bus, well, I think, I recall thinking or when was it? xD Anyway, I was struggling if apples or sushi, as I like both and which would suit more, so there you have the hesitation.

I hope you enjoyed it and please do request.

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