Friday, 17 February 2012

Candy Mint
Clockwise Mint

I sit on the chair and I realize I want a cup of tea, but if I lift myself up from the chair I might miss my train, heading straight towards me, if I just fold the chair and hang it on my neck, just to give some weight closer between me and the earth.

I could go for a Sprite in the vending machine and then watch my train pass, just to put my chair back on the rails and sit there, getting the dirt out of fingers.

Trains are always late and so is my sanity, as I want some food, again and again before the train comes, like last time I wanted a cupcake and I went into this small store with grown and little girls eating cupcakes on a stick and one had pink hair.

She didn’t eat any.

I bought her a mint one and she ate it between cigarette drags.


It's more of a drabble than a short story, but I wanted it that way, as short stories tend to stick in your mind for the rest of the day.

It was inspired by a photo I saw on tumblr of a man sitting on a chair on underground rail tracks and there was a caption saying waiting for the eleven o'clock train while the clock was on something like two p.m.

I like cupcakes and I have a concrete store which I had in mind and is a taste of home and they have cupcakes on sticks, didn't try them yet as I go for the cupcakes usually, neither do I go for the mint cupcakes.

About the title I was really struggling between Candy Mint and Clockwise Mint, so I put them under each other more like a way to choose from.

Thank you

And tomorrow there will be a new chapter and after tomorrow there will be a Jack White/Someone/Hospital one


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