Friday, 2 August 2013

Martyr Love

It’s not about turning on Melissa Etheridge at the right moment or choosing the right gal, in the end, it’s more about tilting the stetson and the more I think of it, the more I want to try kissing a random girl, as if I am back to being a teenager reading romance novels where girls don’t end up with girls.

I don’t care about the coworker looking at a magazine and talking about Jack White’s recent light.

“Men.” I say to her, knowing that my sexuality is still hidden like a letter in a post office.

It’s about not knowing who you will get to waltz with, it’s like a club with the daylight and I see a green haired girl, who is with a young boy, maybe her child. And I ask her if there is anything she needs and the boy clings to her.

I know some lesbians do mistakes and I just feel open all of a sudden, there was a bad translation of a movie, where a line was added, saying that the heroine of the movie wanted her life to be an american movie for a day.

So I keep arranging the magazines all over, wondering how come Jack White isn’t all over the covers, but I know he will be, tomorrow as I don’t kiss the green haired girl, who surely earns more than I do, as I work at something as simply as WHSmith where sometimes reminds me of a better version of The Works and if Argos would sell magazines.

I know that if I grab her to kiss her, that would not have her consent and it would be an American movie then, though.


The title is not a pun on Zoe Devlin-Love, please XD it's there because I had White Stripes on and I do sometimes find it hard with artists I am not familiar deeply with, so yeah:)

And I've been pretty inspired with the Brian Molko request I've been blabbering about, which will be up TOMORROW XD yay XD I'm really excited about it, because I've been tired, exhausted and down and it just came to me as a miracle the idea and everything XD I've been thinking about it all the time recently and developing it XD

Thank you and please feel free to request, I've even written a line for the next chapter x3 XD



  1. Another chapter please, I'm not sure if I saw Edie Langley here. XD LOL.

  2. Edie is the one with the son and green hair :D I read that she recently has a new hair colour so yeah :D

    And it is request 45 and if I manage to keep up one story a day, it will be in a month and 15 days @.@

    thanks you :D


    1. Oh, I thought that maybe, but I wasn't aware of that physical change :) Thanks for that information, and for taking my requests. :)

  3. It's just that I was looking up both of them and she looks lovely in green if you ask me:)

    your welcome and I'm happy you like my fiction enough to request :D