Friday, 23 August 2013

Rag & Bone

It doesn’t make sense, that it’s as if you wake up all of a sudden and after the thought graces your head, women stop being attractive.

Jane and Maura aren’t helping, both of them moving in together and Maura saying how everyone, literally everyone should go to pride, isn’t helping either, neither are her statistics on how younger family members are more likely to be gay.

I just feel... depressed all of a sudden, it feels bizarre, like I see women on television, sure they’re good looking but I imagine them in my bed and it’s like

well, what the fuck do I do with that?

I feel... lost, because I don’t know who I am, I haven’t transitioned yet. 

I just recall how I’d change a few shirts and wonder why I hadn’t fixed the bike yet, but then I could just walk there, not feeling like being late anyway. I should get a dog or something, but I wonder if that would be stereotypical of me, but then Jane and Maura don’t have cats, instead they’ve got a dog and a tortoise. 

In the end I just grab a shirt at random, shave again for no reason. I watch television for a bit, just flicking through and I feel stabbed by all the heteronormativity and I still haven’t told mom, at least she can’t use the argument that she will never have grandchildren of her own, as Tommy might have a whole zoo soon enough. 

When I’m on my own my life seems boring consisting of slowly discovering gay movies which I watch in bed or watching baseball, but then we get cases too often and there’s always a trail to follow. 

In the end I make my way, window shopping wondering where would I fit and I’ve never really even gone out with a guy, so I open the door to the Dirty Robber, I know it’s good, but can we ever have a change?

I kiss Maura on the cheek right after she sees me and Jane hugs me, as they are both drinking beer, Maura getting used to it and I order the same kind, seeing a half empty bottle already and I see both women beaming apparently with their choice of a date for me.

“And where would he be?” I ask, already flushed, but thankfully it doesn’t show, instead Maura says he had to go to the bathroom, as he is too nervous.

“But any characteristics?” I ask again, getting my beer and I take a big gulp, thinking if I should have asked before more consistently. I see Maura had forced Jane rainbow suspenders and I end up chuckling with Jane shrugging before she pecks Maura on the lips. They don’t look cheap either, but I realize how much Jane’s money doubled ever since, but then it’s not for me to count.

“Hey.” And he sits besides us. 

“Um, what are you doing here, Detective Frost?” I fist bump him and keep wondering where would my date be and I start getting anxious. Before he replies, he takes a gulp of the half drank beer.


I haven't written Rizzoli & Isles fanfiction before even if I really really love Rizzles :3 :3 I mean Rizzoli & Isles :D

I am saddened by Lee Thompson Young's death and I didn't want to post this on the day he died, so I kept pulling it off, as I didn't want a mourning Frankie fanfic, I actually wanted something uplifting because well, in his memory and we all loved him and he was outstanding and a very very lovable character.

You shall always be missed.

Thank you and please feel free to request the next chapter :D


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