Wednesday, 23 July 2014

- 2

My hand is still numb in the places he’s touched me and my mind plays tricks on me, saying he’s here when he’s not and I keep lighting cigarettes as they keep going out by themselves as the hours seem to be pushing me towards 1 a.m. again as I actually bother doing pancakes and I feel seeing him as if I should leave a plate for him and not touch it, as it is for the dead.

As I sit I just pull the curtains open and I stare and as I look down to cut the pancakes, I see from the corner of my eye a gray fox jumping in and as soon as I look up it’s gone, but I feel watched, as if he’s standing against the window sill and as I look down the curtains move and that’s when I close them, stuffing my face with pancakes before fear takes my hunger away. 

I feel a brush against my neck and I really wish I had alcohol. 

One minute early the noise comes back and I yank my jacket off the doorknob and pull it on fast, jumping two stairs at a time, as the noise gets faster and harsher and now up the stairs to see no children this time, just blobs of white, the geese now with blood spilling out from their necks, croaks coming out, as the man has his body leaned back on the bench, head leaned back as well, eyes closed and the geese blood stops spilling and the gray fox from earlier strolls by, rubbing by the man’s feet and I notice his high heeled shoes. He opens his eyes, the blood entirely gone and all noise erupts as the blurbs get whiter and whiter until he smiles softly and it’s daylight again

my body aches. 

Depression makes you lose yourself, it makes you do things because you can’t even trust yourself to be alone, I wobble back into the bed, knowing that my day is now my night and my night flashes in a second, just because he wants it to be so and he doesn’t come and watch me in my sleep, I wake alone and it’s dark and I just find whatever is left in my fridge.

I feel as if I’m watching animal planet as I see a cockroach get devoured by a lizard, sucked out and dumped for the lizard to reevaluate their life on the wall opposite my apartment. That freaks me out and I realize that the windows hold too much amusement for my life.

I just drink tea, waiting for one a.m. and that’s when the sprinklers come and a sip later, it’s morning-

“Come on!” I scream and I break the mug, frustrated, my body worn as if I had stayed awake the whole goddamn night. The shards show my reflection a bit too vividly as I pick them up, none of them cutting me as I feel a presence behind me, my whole being aching, all muscles stretched and as if breaking as I already hear the portuguese workers sing their songs and I see a white blur behind me just to see myself there. I start shaking and time seems to be slipping out of my hands as I feel my other self carry me to the bed-


I try not to think of it, scary tales seeming too real and I’m surely not the lizard here.


Ok, before I get to the story, the place which this thing is set as me and Callie unfortunately found out is actually haunted and please understand and avoid such places, but we had this eerie feeling to go there. So it was as if we were telling this to the Sixpenceee blog, it was surreal and creepy. And it was different from what Nick experiences in the story and first of all there are no sprinklers. 

If you ever encounter such things please know what to do, google is your friend as this is common and avoid such locations at odd times. I guess who ever is interested I can tell, just poke me on tumblr but it was very eerie and in general Lisbon is a very eerie and scary place full of ghost stories and just like anything, just don't push it, stay on your side and all. So don't do what me and Callie did by checking out the sprinklers at 1 a.m. there were no sprinklers. I dunno I might use some in the further chapters later but the story takes a different course, I'll see

Either way, everyone stay safe and know that all is well, whatever happens happens to many and all can be avoided or prevented or pretty much you'll be safe again. 

I've written a bunch of things recently so to be honest I've got a lot of things to post, so I'll try to have one post a day. So poke me if you want a specific story as I might have the next chapter for that ready:)

Anyway, I've been very drawn to this story and I've been excited to write about Lisbon as I love taking places which I've visited and since I've been traveling recently I just love doing that. 

Actually rereading this story like the gray fox I saw I'm like holy shit xD coz I didn't  kind of think I saw anyway xD a lot of the things described in this story is what I've seen or felt before tonight so yeah 

Oh yeah and I saw the cockroach get devoured by a lizard. Lisbon has a ridiculous amount of them, a few days ago we were in the centre and one started crawling up my foot and I shook it off, screeching and this guy walked up to me asking and stretching a blunt if I wanted a puff. Yeah, that's Lisbon for you xD

I'm nearly done with chapter 4 so I'm on a roll xD I love writing what can I say? xD 

I hope you enjoyed it and please tell me if you did :3



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