Saturday, 5 July 2014

Broken Black Varnish Requiem 6

I don’t recall Jamie even knowing how to make cocktails, but he did and we’re sitting eating his usual grilled cheese, which I’m guessing is the only thing he survives on whenever he’s single if he doesn’t bum to me and Alex. 

“Hey, Alison.” Both me and Jamie move our heads to see that Jack is waving, sunglasses on and in some shirt, smiling and Jamie puts his sandwich back on the plate. I softly nudge him to hold his fucking dick in his pants. “Sorry, can I borrow some salt coz I have this thing on tonight and I was pretty much getting the meat ready and yeah.”

He scratches his head and I can’t help but look at his curls. Alex chopped of all his hair quite a while ago, stylizing into a lazy quiff these days if he can ever be bothered. I wonder if Jamie himself is staring at the tall man or if it’s just me getting caught red handed. I nod, asking for a minute, as I just hear Jamie.

“What thing? Can I join?” And I hear Jack laugh in reply and I’m guessing Jamie made his way in, as I walk in to get a text from Alex that he’d have some meeting and he’ll have to stay later. I blush at the sudden coincidence, now that I see Jamie walking up to Jack from the kitchen window. I get the salt and I hope Jamie doesn’t get too close and I imagine them kissing and the thought of Jack’s lips, makes me lose control and I spill the salt slightly. 


I throw it over my shoulder and I carry the rest, Jamie winking at me. 

“Jack’s inviting all of us for the... thing.” Jamie doesn’t even know what the fuck is it.

“It’s my divorce anniversary.” We both look at him confused, as he just slightly hangs his head, realizing the absurdity which seems normal to him, which is obscure to us. “My children enjoy parties and when me and Karen divorced we threw one and they want one each year.”

“Karen.” Jamie motions. “Your ex-wife?”

“Yeah.” He pauses and I would slap my face in embarrassment if I was Jamie. “But I’m single now, so...”

He glances at both of us. 

I presume he plays for both teams and I just raise an eyebrow at Jamie. 

“I’m single too.” My best friend beams. I interrupt both of them. 

“Yeah, well, good for you singles, I’m married.” I say, feeling the weight on my dark blue ring, which gets a side glance from every male standing next to me or over the fence. 

“Married life sucks, no offense to you and your husband.” Jack crosses a line, but he just goes on. “I don’t believe in monogamy and marriage seems to enforce it, I mean too many things break anyway.”

He glances at Jamie.

“It’s the same with all sexes and all marriages.” I look at Jamie, who seems to be caught in thought and I wonder if he’s a player or polyamorous and how much had he sneaked around if Karen didn’t stay. I keep looking at Jamie, who seems to be very interested in the neighbor and in the end, I ask Jamie to help me inside twice and only then we leave, promising to come to the divorce party. 


Sorry, I had written this a while ago and I really wanted it up, so here it is!

Oh, yeah, I had the idea of Jack having a divorce party every year and yeah, of course Jamie is dragging Alison xD I pretty much sat and wrote about four chapters because I missed the story and in general I miss and enjoy the short story format, I started writing Threesome again as well :D 

So I've got the next chapter of Broken Black Varnish Requiem and Threesome as well and yeah, just ask me really and I'll posting them in the next few days :D

And I have the next chapter ready, if you're reading this, feel free to message me and yeah, ask anything or just tell me if you liked it as it really means a lot to me, because I've been quite down and yeah, thank you for all your support and love



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