Tuesday, 1 July 2014

There Is Something About Jack White 5

“What else do you want to know about Jack White?” I ask Agyness blowing out the smoke into the open window raised halfway in the apartment we share for this week as a brief redoing is going on in ours and Agyness hurls out smoke from her nose, looking at me and poking out her tongue, her cheeks blushing.

“How was the sex?” She asks and inhales from my cigarette.

“Good.” I laugh, blowing up to cover the stars and she rubs her fingers against my shoulder blades, leaning closer with her fingers, past my bra and onto my waist, hooking her fingers into the hemline and licking my neck. The former model kisses it softly, resting her eyes against my neck, counting the hairs.

“Better?” She nuzzles on me and I shiver slightly of the thought and I hear a mixture of our chuckles.

“I dunno. I guess.” I throw out the cigarette and Agyness leans back, waiting for a more comprehend reply and I just light a cigarette.

“I loved him a lot.” I just babble under the smoke and I close the window for our new house for a week to turn into a chamber holding nicotine and thoughts which were discarded from discussion.

“And?” She stops smoking and her hands are to the side.

“Nothing. He cheated on me with Karen.” I just say it briefly, Karen and me showing up nearly at the same time, the time lines and morals too erased and I just hesitate, tapping the window open and nearly vomiting myself out.

“How so?” Agyness just starts taking off her converse and she pulls me on her bed under the bed covers and she feels like a light and I feel her stripping off all my crosses, my faith and my religions as she kisses me and we make love, in the morning we both make lattes and sit with the fridge open trying to chose something as Agyness doesn’t try to lure me into yoghurt but deliberately eats it in front of me as I end up crying with my head on the table and I hear Peter Doherty saying something on the television near the microwave and the waves of cold hit my head and I just sit up looking at love and I eat a spoon of the banana yoghurt looking out into the morning and I see Jack White showing his tongue at Freedom at 21.

“You’re slowly turning blonde, love.” Agyness kisses me on the forehead and holds me as I cry and slowly starts asking me questions, my legs around her waist as she tries to drag me, leaning against the walls, huffing until we are back in bed and she gives me her stripy songs and throws some magazines on me to flick through as she asks me questions such as what was Jack White’s favourite colour and on which side would he chew his food as she stretched herself out as I caught her eyes that second after she blinks and the world seems new and I kiss her to believe some more into the room and the both blonde heads and how her fingers would go through my scalp, shaping my hair, using pins and straighteners for hairstyles which only eyes and these walls will see with laughter to moisturize. 

“Sometimes it takes a while, Alison.” Now Agyness draws her box of cigarettes open and closed, her gray eyes locked and her toes touching her toes and she smiles at me and leans to kiss my cheek, stops, looking briefly on my lips and I answer back, grinning into the kiss and pulling my lover on top of me and rushing my hands and lips under her shirt as she starts breathing harder and pulling my pants off as I bite her underwear and slip it off exposing how wet she is and sticking my tongue inside her too rough, I think at first but it turns her on more and she thrusts against my head and I keep doing it, touching her clit softly with my fingers until she comes screaming and gasping, thrusting, her orgasm catching my own as I look at myself down and I didn’t notice myself masturbate to the sight of giving Agyness oral. 


I quite miss this story to be honest and I'm sad that it takes ages for me to push it out again, so I hope someone still enjoys it xD To be honest the next chapter is the last even if I keep thinking about this story a lot and it's quite an interesting broken story with Alison and Jack specifically.

And I really enjoyed writing it at the time and I guess my fluidity in sexuality came in handy here xD

Sorry I've been quite distressed so I've solely been writing random updates like Thunder with a Heavy Riff and Start Finding Passion :) so yeah, updating things, well, writing the next chapters :3

I hope you enjoyed it :3 

Please tell me if you enjoyed it so I can post the last chapter :3


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