Wednesday, 25 June 2014

let's make straight offensive since they're such bigots 2

The canteen always goes a bit quiet when we walk in and it’s not just the sound of our heels or how I’ll ask Jamie how the fuck did he get those heels, to which he’ll grin and tell me where and I’ll just wonder how his parents close his eyes on this, but then to those who think we are straight, they think we’re in a weird relationship where we actually do stare at the glow in the dark stars in Jamie’s room. I feel like everyone feels like we should be doing some mating ritual as we are always pushed together by our parents, like some hidden acceptance for queer people from both sides. 

And I watch him as he eats. We no longer scan the cafeteria, as we wait for new pray, it’s far too much into the year and Jamie sometimes shows up saying how he had seen someone attractive in the corridor, tagging along with them for a while until they had raised their hands and said ‘no homo’. 

But Jamie still gets a valentine, which falls out of his locker and I can only imagine two reactions, one being him excited and holding it in front of my face and the other pretty much which is what happens, Jamie slowly picking it up, muttering that Valentine’s Day is pretty much a few weeks away and he rips it open, as we walk to the canteen again, someone muttering that it’s a prank and Jamie just flips them off as I watch his green eyes scan the content.

He smirks and gets it right before my eyes. 

“Mosshart, I got a Valentine. Told you there’s more queer men here.” 

“Yeah, well, maybe they just got desperate. The women are just too busy scissoring.” I smirk and I don’t get to read the content and I just ask if it’s a sex joke inside and Jamie pats my head, saying that I’m jealous. I take his hand and bite it, as he still stares blissfully at the card. Apparently we won’t be watching two movies, one lesbian and one gay, nagging, both of us sitting on the floor and that just sounds weird and I shrug to myself, as Jamie starts humming. 


This is a very odd story which I didn't even want to continue, as I had dropped the idea, but Callie always nagged to me how much she liked the gay Alison and Jamie story and the other day I was just musing and I ended up writing it. I guess, I'll just keep quiet, but yeah, I just think that regardless of sexuality you can fall in love with someone who doesn't fit into it and that's cool, because by the end of the day it's just people and yeah, I just wanted to expand on that :)

I quite enjoy the old short format which I've written in before, so yeah, I'm back to it and I'm pretty much reviving all old stories xD I'm nearly done with the next chapter as well.

I like Vday and yeah, it also has the whole Kills day and all:3 

Please please tell me if you like them, as I'm quite anxious if anyone liked them so yeah:3



let's make straight offensive since they're such bigots 3