Saturday, 21 June 2014

Broken Black Varnish Requiem 5

It’s more of the curiosity which seems to get to me as the days get longer and hotter as Alex would just sit on the grass, lying down and wondering as the weekends would stroll, giving us the daily weekdays ahead which were also slowly drifting into melancholy.
Heading back to work seemed like a weird choice, it didn’t mean that I would get asked what happened that I came back with no baby, depression and all the paperwork still done and it seemed odd that we’d still have to choose a baby, which seemed absurd rather than someone giving us that child.
Jack also had a job, yet he seemed awfully single for all of us and he’d show up every weekend with his children and I would never talk to them besides asking how was school and they would slowly wrap it up out of politeness and desire to be with their father and Jack would just smile apologetically. I didn’t see the girl again, I’m guessing separation was now from everyone for him.
It wasn’t attraction, it was mere curiosity as he seemed to be over the fence and I had no idea about anything and Alex would get jealous whenever I would mention him and after the last stupid attempt at the birth test, I was about to knock on his door, when I got called out from behind.
"Oi, Alison." I turn to see Jamie, whose only concern in life is cruising in my sarcastic eyes and I just sigh, patting him on the back as we hug. He slowly gestures towards my door, a bit confused, but I knock him down with my own questions even if no curiosity is attached, life is a bit too stale. 
"Who now. Who broke up with who." I mutter, pushing my hair back, pulling him in a hug, feeling his warmth and I realize how much I am aware of how he feels in a hug and it’s a bit awkward that I think that and it makes me think when we were smoking in university, flirting with ourselves until nothing happened and we both went on to other boyfriends. 
"Just checking on you and Al." I roll my eyes and nod. It’s more than obvious. You’re never friends with anyone anyway unless you wanted to fuck each other and it lasts until someone gets bored. Me and Jamie have are off moments like a bad relationship anyway. 
"Alex’s not home." I pull away from the hug, checking out his now darker brown hair and I wonder how many people is he still trying to fool that all sixty three shades he’s ever done are all just different tints and light on his hair. 
"I keep forgetting that some people have nine to five jobs." I blink at him, as he says it and I narrow my eyes, getting the keys again out of my jeans pocket. 
"James, you have a nine to five job." I feel as if I have to state the obvious. 
"What day is it today?" The moron is an oblivious moron. 
"Shit." He doesn’t pale up, he just looks for his iPhone, which has some weird cover which he had pretty much taped random shit upon it and thought it looked cool and trendy and he had given me one for Christmas, which seemed awful and I ended it using at as well and Alex got his own as well. 

"Wait, I got fired last week." I just stare at him, as he shrugs. He’s stating the obvious again. I just twirl my finger next to my temple and he just hugs me again, as we walk inside the house and I quickly glance at Jack’s again. 


And after two years, it's back XD ok, sorry that it embarrassing that it took me ages, but no one was giving me requests and now that I have more freedom I've started picking up different old stories, dunno, I missed them all and I love them, so yeah. The thought was really random while me and Callie were outside, that I wanted a Jamie and Alison as neighbors and then I was like, oi, to myself, stop dreaming around and finish the one where Alison and Jack are neighbors xD so I just started writing and pretty much this whole chapter was sketched up on the phone. I don't really edit things unless I write on the phone, then I just edit them on the computer so yeah :3

And the chapters are awfully short so I ended up writing up to chapter 8 xD so expect the other chapters in the next few days up:3 

and yeah, I've been trying to keep Jamie away from Gandalf's Inhaler and whatnot, because he's a character in everything lately xD and he seemed fitting as Alison's best friend and I guess I wanted them just as best friends here, so yeah :3 

and it's weird to give everyone jobs which are not music related, so I'm stuck thinking about that XD

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved picking it back again, so please feel free to ask me about any stories new or old and I'll update them:) or at least put them in the queue :3

Please tell me if you enjoyed it:)


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