Monday, 16 June 2014

Pillshop 2

She comes back and I watch her, recalling my visit to church as I had headed into the confession box, tracing my fingers on the wood, as Kate slowly started speaking how she had started enjoying the drug, the effect nearly instant and that had made me smile and I declined trying it myself, just drinking beer, which I had taken from the fridge earlier, which was surely not meant in my family’s eyes for my enjoyment, but we all steal enjoyment from each other. Kate kept talking and talking how I should start selling, how she had friends and I just kept watching her, she was gorgeous, but she was just aesthetically pleasing as in school, Richey had smirked stating, his boyfriend drawing something on the desk and looking at my own queer friends, I wondered how I had even doubted my sexuality and Kate was just with us at all times with her own rumors of girls in skirts holding hands in the wrong places. 

It wasn’t that we all meant trouble, we just seemed to have one rumor per year about us, myself mostly clean, as I would continue listening in chemistry, mixing in all labs, as Nicky would roll his eyes, discussing politics aloud as I wouldn’t even bother.

I wonder what do I even have to confess and I just trace my nails against the wood.

I don’t see anything-

The priest doesn’t say anything and silence is no longer comforting. 

“I wonder if I could steal something.” Richey muttered once, as we had been smoking outside and Kate just smirked. That’s when she smirked, clicking her tongue.

“Jamie started the batch.” And they start discussing. 

“I... I think I’m just sin, I guess.” I mutter, as I still hear their discussion and how they had crawled back to mine’s, now all the beer gone as I would just end up mixing things and watching as if in a peep show, only nothing seemed to be arousing, just their laughter contagious and my own destructive stage. 

“What makes you say that?” I blink at the strong American accent of the priest, but I just shrug, now digging my cheek into the wooden walls and I wonder why isn’t everything covered in crosses. 

Because, you’re American, I want to reply, but I just cross my arms and scratch my ear. 

“I just... don’t think I do the right things.” Is more than a bleaker reply. 

“Well, you still go to church.” He replies. I wonder how young is he and I try to look, but I don’t see his face. I wonder. 

“Yeah, but that... doesn’t cover it. It’s not like I heal or become holy, y’know?” I ask. 

“You still go to church.” 
And fuck you, I think, rolling my eyes. 

“You still confess. God may forgive your sins.” He says, somehow cheerful as if I am a child with a lollypop and I start digging my nails into the hard wood. 

“I think I do bad things.”

I don’t murder people, I just watch them as they start taking more and more students, parents oblivious and all beer not even gone, but negative in all surrounding stores which had sold happily to minors, gathering money for Christmas trees for shelters. 

“But then I would have to deal with society frowning on me.” Richey had continued on the topic, all in haze, fingers threaded with Nicky, everyone too high too care and searching for my parent’s record player. 


I haven't written this story in quite a while, let's be honest xD and I quite missed it because I had all the plot lined up in my head and I was really excited and it was kind of before the whole Breaking Bad craze and I kind of also felt a bit off doing something about drugs and whatnot (I didn't like Breaking Bad, I really didn't get the hype, as you know I just stick to LGBT tv shows unless something extraordinary is there like MMFD which deals with depression and mental health like no other), so it was shelved for quite a while and I've been in a huge Jamie Hince writing mood, so I've been picking up old stories with him:) so yeah, if you want anything just request it really :3

I actually wrote this chapter quite a while ago, but I kept thinking that I'd add something and instead I ended up writing the next today, so here is chapter two xD and pretty much keeping the short format

I can't recall all details of the plot and I want a more surreal direction here, so pretty much the story is going to be like it is, like this specific feel and yeah, like in the first chapter :) and also the first line from the first chapter is the slogan of the Etsy store which everyone should visit xD links on the sidebar:)

Richey and Nicky were unplanned characters which secretly stormed in and made a lot of sense, so they're here xD and it's also nice to pick up very loved icons of mine in a recent story:)

Ah, yes, the confession box and I think it's more than obvious who it is:) and yeah, I like Jack's oblivion and whole attitude that forgiveness is given easily. It wouldn't be me if this story didn't have some faith and religion conflict xD

I hope you enjoyed it and missed it as much as I did (Callie missed it xD)

Thank you! :3



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