Sunday, 10 August 2014

- 3

How many nights has it even been?

At least the bad omen came once last night.

I wanted to dissolve as painlessly as possible and when I’d walk up night after night to him until he spoke to me, watching me from head to toe, an incident which still makes me wonder most things.

“Jealousy will be the dawn of us all.” Voice deep, yet soft, something which you’d exactly pinpoint to his older appearance and with a trace of death.

And when I fall asleep during the day, I feel as if he would lay besides me and I fall asleep as I feel fingers trailing up my forehead, leaving numb traces as I no longer feel the patches of my skin where he had held me before and I feel myself smaller for some reason and I can see him pinning me down and I don’t register that I’m underwater until I yank myself out from the dream, my whole body drenched, the bed covers only started to give in to the water and I see the dissolved blood, but it’s not mine and I stand up, wondering how eerie everything is. I no longer feel the need for food, as I stay inside, wondering how long will the sand noises remain and the windows open but as I sit drinking tea, watching from the couch I never see him in the distance, the finger trails upon me still numb and I wonder how long will all of this take to get through and no drugstore will no how to cure a ghost from my sight. And as I close my eyes I can feel his presence and I see myself underwater once more and he’s holding me down, he’s much younger and his hair an entirely different shade even without the afterlife and it seemed that age never caught up on his years, I presume as I feel him lean against me, my eyes still closed and he traces the bags under my eyes which have twisted time. When I open he’s not there but I feel his breath upon my lips and I wonder if he solely takes his form in the bench. 

I wake up again later and it’s actually day and I force myself into the older parts of Lisbon and I wonder how much would I have him on my back, as daylight seems to be harmful in all parts, as I had not even bothered to take off the sunglasses in any of the stores or whilst buying frozen yoghurt which seems to be the craze and after consideration I finished eating it, walking out and watching all music mix and streamers try to make a thin ceiling in the outdoor market as I would keep walking, men slowly making themselves drunk, everyone dragging someone as I would try and get my mind off everything.

Sleep would seem to be taking me as I sat near a store, leaning my body against the wall, feeling him again and sitting besides me and I could imagine him, no longer a ghost and dressed in all black, hair shorter but age never to catch upon anymore.


I was going to hold off everything until the fundraiser is over, but we've only got a wee bit left and if you haven't donated or spread the word please do: [UPDATE ON HOUSING AND EMPLOYMENT] Help transgender Callie and Jamie go home safe

so yeah

basically to be honest I wanted this story to be over as it touches the experience I had in Lisbon and to be honest they don't really resemble, my experience was entirely different, while Nick's is much more personal and much more obscure and I wrote it much more on when mine happened

I actually finished it tonight because I just wanted to close this story and it was going to be rather short originally. I was thinking of a different kind of subplot, but in the end it was changed and frankly I will miss this story but I hope I delivered enough eeriness and there's three more chapters for me to post for you to read:)

I hope you're enjoying this so far and again, friendly reminder do not go to check out eerie noises and whatnot, please just don't

it's hard to put everything back together and also don't forget to foliow basic rules and google is your friend

I hope you enjoyed it and it's getting only creepier in the story from here xD

I've also written a ridiculous amount of new chapters of things and even a new story, so please keep checking every day as I've got enough xD

Please tell me if you enjoyed it as I loved writing it and yeah:3



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