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“Why did you wear a black polo?” Sleep is nonexistent, what I call sleep is something fake and which he gives me under my Stockholm syndrome where I think it’s mercy and he just looks at me, now he’s eating the frozen yoghurt, only a ghost one and he just doesn’t reply, looking past me for a moment towards the monument which is for the doctor. I had the thought that it could be him, but upon further examination it wasn’t as the doctor was Portuguese and he looked a bit too English, but I could be wrong and his accent gave it out. Wouldn’t explain his location either. 

The tombstones upon closer examination were weird pieces of the same tombstone material, thanking the doctor who had cured children after his death which made no sense. 

I sat opposite him on the grass and I watched him eat. He wasn’t shooing me away this time, eyes red, making me wonder if his eyes were green or hazel when he were alive. 

“I’m Nick.” It ends up more of a snap and that’s when the day hits me, the sun strokes my face along with his fingers and now he travels to my neck and I feel my skin freeze and as I open my eyes he’s still there. The daylight still kills me.

“Close your eyes.” I don’t so he stretches his arm and that’s when I do, no longer immune to anything and I see myself as a child again, laying on grass and I open my eyes just to see him gone and myself back in the apartment, more blood staining the wooden floor and a few cups broken, now too much chalk traces on the floor as I stand they just dissapear and my whole arm doesn’t feel anything and upon further sleepiness in a bathroom attempt I nearly crash into the full length mirror and my hand goes through, no longer with a reflection. 

I sit from midnight waiting for him.

“It’s funny how self-worth starts determining and rising when you attract other people.” He shows up at 1 a.m. again on the bench. I bite my lips.

“Is meaningful sentences all you’re gonna say?” He looks up at me. 

“I’m Jamie.” He replied yesterday’s introduction.

Ghosts should be like spirits and I wonder if I can make him go away, but he makes me go away. I just narrow my eyes, looking at him and his introduction. I actually stand up and wonder if I should fucking research on this twat and once I try to leave the sprinklers go on and I feel my clothing get drenched, as I curse outloud and I turn around to see him in the said black polo from earlier, maybe he realized it’s summer in Portugal. He doesn’t want me to leave. I turn around, clothes wet and he moves from the middle of the bench for me to join. He stretches his arm and I don’t shake it, so he pushes it against my own for his hand to go through mine, get numb, he waits a while before he shakes it and I feel his touch, cool and my hand barely holding any feeling and I have to grip his hand back. 

Said hand goes through the bench as I try to keep my mind calm, paranormal taken as granted as I look at his silence and poke him with a numb finger feeling his skin, a bit of sweat and I just smirk, tired-

He watches my confusion and I just look ahead, turning right to the monument and the geese now just pacing around furiously yet silently as if they were demons themselves just like Jamie here.

“Are you trying to turn me into a ghost?” My own death seems hysterically funny to me, but I don’t laugh. I need the sleep is not giving me at all. 

“No, I just want your soul.” With his red eyes it sounds more than convincing, so I quickly look down, rubbing the numb hand, knowing it’s loss. I blink.

Then what’s the deal?

“You yourself know what the deal is and what I have to offer.” And all of a sudden I see Jamie stand up and we’re in some underground which is trying to pull off as if it’s a cave, all in blue and some wheat patterns and I see scattered letters which make me think for a while, before I realize that it should be something from Scandinavia and he takes my hand, as the last shivers run from the remaining hand and soon enough I feel his skin. I can’t help but keep watching him as we walk in and I see some people and they look past me as I look behind me to see many many foreigners caught in their thoughts. 

And then Jamie points at the map a few stations later and we arrive at a station which is not on the map, one person leaves and we follow them-

“You know what you want.” And he grabs me, hands on my cheeks and he kisses me, my arms falling to my sides, as I feel the blood end and soon enough I feel his lips against my own, only some patches of skin left alive-

The sprinklers spray me in the morning, but I keep getting wet when I see that I’ve never really seen them ever. Jamie looks at me from the day, sun in his hair, throwing glitter, eyes redder than usual.


This story still gets to me because in the beginning it was based off pretty much real events and this chapter specifically touches closer to the encounter I had. So yeah, this story is obviously unsettling and I can guarantee you that what happens is half what happened, half what didn't.

Anyway, please don't wander off if something is weird, as I've stated before.

I'm also sad that this is the only Grimmy/Hince story I've got, but I'll end up with more later, don't worry XD

Also this story is finished and there is only two more chapters to go. I'm rushing to get it published because frankly, I want to not think of it much, but it was written and should be published, so yeah.

Me and Callie thought that perhaps the doctor with the said monument could've been what we encountered but we came to the conclusion that it wasn't. So yeah, that was used in the story.

Don't assume and don't speak of it if you encounter, please don't do that mistake. Decline all offers. Decline all offers. I don't have to stress how important this is. 

Ok, this chapter was written when we were back already and there is this specific station which shows up under a different name on the tube map and a week or so ago me and Callie even saw these two guys head out to make sure they saw what they were seeing. The first time I saw it I got scared the shit out and it had a weird feel to it, but then I saw people getting confused with time and the more time passes the easier you feel after encounters, you just have to give it time. So that station was used.

Also, don't forget what is offered is what you'll most want. Don't forget that. Again, decline. 

I'm sorry that the backstory ends up me explaining what to do, because well, this is important. And please don't forget to pray if you belong to any religion, prayers work. In general prayers are a very powerful thing. Nick's case is harder because I imagine him as atheist here and yeah. But if you can't do prayers, just follow basic rules and stay calm, ask them to leave and decline. Keep doing so.

I hope you enjoyed the story and this chapter, just two more left

Please tell me if you enjoyed it as it's hard to keep posting this story and yeah, I've been rather down lately

thank you for all your support


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