Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Broken Black Varnish Requiem 8

We decide on a dress, which I flip at him and take off gingerly, Jamie booing my choice of resistance. I wonder if we both realize that we’re both in dresses and ready to pounce for the bouquet of no choice, that we’re both placed in the same ring, both in the same frilly dresses we’d never wear, so I give him back the dress, pulling on my jeans and falling on the bed, grunting, as Jamie slowly starts braiding my hair and I snap at him, my anxiety tickling me far too much when nothing has even happened but I wished that the fingers intertwined in my hair were Jack’s for some reason and I just sigh, as Jamie starts ruffling through Alex’s clothing with a stuck out tongue. 

“It does look like he has been dating you for a while.” Jamie laughs, showing the ridiculous amount of plain shirts, which he clings onto.

“Well, I’d rather have him in plain shirts than the leather pants he matched with Miles when they were shagging in University, Jamie.” I smirk, as we both giggle as we recall my husband and his whole flamboyant appearance and even feathery jackets. I had met him after a good while he had broken up with Miles. Jamie had seen him, they both were friends back from college, both claiming that they never touched each other but both had a copy of a photo of their tongues rubbing whilst drunk, but I had left it at that for a while, until Jamie said they had a dare once, because it was odd that they never romped and it was left at that. 

Alex was another queer friend of Jamie’s to me, who apparently they would drink together in college and both had boyfriends at the time, Alex having people of different genders through out his life, while Jamie just clung onto guys since ever. 

“Would Jack suck me off in this shirt?” I grunt into the pillow not bothering to even see which shirt of Alex Jamie had chosen. 


I quite miss this format and this is the last of the prewritten chapters I've got up my sleeve, but I'm nearly done with the next one. It's a bit odd and fun to pick up old stories and continue writing them and it's funny because I feel awfully eager to actually get them somewhere, years later of course xD I suck

In general I'm angry, I'm always fucking angry.

I guess I get too angry at tumblr too often for people running around screaming that everyone is bisexual as if no other sexuality exists specifically the words are yelled at either gay characters or any character which could be polysexual, pansexual, queer and etc. 

Number two. I frankly even if I have friends, I'm still awfully skeptical and I do write many friendships in my story but I myself in life am awfully bitter towards them because I've had a lot of backstabbing and plain uglier stories than any disgusting break up I've had. And people keep yelling about Milex, so it's awfully fitting that I chose to post the story on Alex's backstory which has Miles and yeah, I just get annoyed when people put friendship above love. It ticks the shit out of me and it's just, why do you have a relationship then? Have a platonic with your friend/s. Fucking save your partner from your bullshit. I think I just realized (I know it's obvious) but anger is more than my fuel to write and it's not always LGBT but personal, To Miles is heavily driven by anger or PDD if going on more personal. 

So yeah.

I pretty much covered in my rant.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I enjoy the story and look forward to the divorce party and in general I like chapter which are about nothing, Salinger inspired me good back when I opened him nearly ten years ago. Oh and found Zooey extremely hot, I even made a sculpture of him for my final art school year. The teacher hated my guts. Oh, well, the sculpture is still awfully cool.

Thank you again and if you enjoyed it, drop me a comment anymore

P.S. nudge me to stop keeping written chapters unposted xD


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