Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Axe For Cork Extraction3

She wants to eat.

And all we have is Jamie’s people left overs and she had eaten the apples already. I still don’t know why this house is empty so I wonder if I should check if it has some life frozen upstairs. But at first I check all of the cupboards with Meg sitting on a chair her legs dangling and I wonder if I can tie them and I guess I have a fatherly feel about this with her eyes being mine and something Alison deep down her as if I could take it from her throat.

What do I ask her?

How was Alison like?

What did she play with Alison?

Did Alison breast feed her?

And with that I find a plate and I put it in front of her.

“Are we going to eat, dad?” She blinks and looks at me. I look at the bracelets around her hands and I figure I can tie up her hair and I just take a look at her hair and it feels silkier than Alison’s, but Alison would ask me to trim her hair and it would always be crooked and she’d love it so I traced my hands over how would Alison’s or a softer version of mine would feel and I tie her hair into two ponytails.

“I guess. Do you eat people?” Meg laughs slightly, not being sure if it is a joke or not, after all, she was frozen in a house with Alison as well and I can see them playing sea battle just because Meg likes it and Alison looking at the ceiling maybe talking to me in her sleep and waking up at night.

I wonder what caused her death, maybe Jamie had entered once, maybe when I was asleep just to take someone’s liver and then he’d cook it for Pete, maybe that’s why we can leave, we kill or bring the moment closer and give him food.

How does Pete eat?

Does he take a knife and a fork or just use the blade cutting the inside of his mouth as he does it, eating slowly and blood falling onto his body and only holding onto the fabric of his skin and slowly draining out with one life taken from this morgue.

Maybe Alison was eating an apple and Jamie walked in.

I see her eating one of those green apples she liked and she’d always give me a bite, just smiling and eating the rest looking at me and we wouldn’t kiss for a bit and then give a brief one, just nervous as if we had just started dating and maybe because back then we never knew we’d have a child and because not much words were spoken there never was the question if the vows we want to say will be forever or even spoken.

So I guess Jamie and Alison would just stare at each other for a bit and Meg would stare.

“Did you ever see Jamie?” I ask Meg and she just shrugs.

Maybe because the thought happens everything happens. It’s opposite in a morgue. Only in this one it’s too expensive to have your own drawer and it’s more fun until to wait to get the autopsy.

I take out some lungs and I put them on the frying pan, knowing that no Jamie means no food as well. I found some hearts and some stomach but they seemed to symbolic and I hoped that the lungs wouldn’t belong to a smoker but they seemed pink enough if they are supposed to be pink enough.

I closed my eyes wondering if Jamie tried the organs he takes out.

Maybe he did kill her after all.

Basically Jamie knocked on the door as usual, opening the door to see the little girl saying a greeting to him silently and he nodded, the knife in his back pocket and he could’ve cut out her ear and then stare at her bleed until Pete would come and Pete would just insert the blade inside her, but instead the man just sat opposite of her.

Maybe he would wait for Pete and be nervous about it in the mean time, maybe if he would smoke tobacco it would attract someone and it does.

He raises his eyes to look at the woman walk in in rather tight clothing and some leopard sweater unbuttoned and a t-shirt under it, it seems to be white and she just looks at known to the girl man.There is no apple and she just looks at him for quite a while.

“Jamie?” He should take out a liver or an ear, so he just takes out the knife, but doesn’t show it, just not yet, instead he moves from side to side.

“Tell her to go up.” And Alison takes the little girl into the kitchen after a few exchanged looks, unbuttons her shirt and sits down opposite Jamie who just closes her eyes and his head falls softly on her shoulder. Alison just sits there as he pulls the left sleeve of the button up to just rest on her shirt.

“Jamie?” She asks again, but he doesn’t say anything, the knife taken out and he presses it against her jeans.

Yeah, a light tension should work is his only though and his other hand goes to her chest and he just swallows slightly, his eyes closed and his lips a bit from hers.

The knife rips the jeans and brushes the skin.

He sticks his tongue inside her mouth. It feels like sex only once the kiss is gone her knee is cut in half and her head is now resting on his shoulder with the girl in the kitchen.

Maybe he just grabbed the apple from her and flung her against a wall, sex can happen between friends or someone who had tension for so long and your boyfriend might be taken away and I see him slowly taking off her clothes even if she hesitates.

I give Meg the lungs and she doesn’t do anything to them, it is like eating a dog, you imagine it wiggling in front of you, so she imagines the person breathing in front of her.

I slap myself from comparing a dog to myself and I take a lung and stick it in my mouth to which Meg’s eyes widen and I gag.

I swallow half and the other half goes on the table and Meg just gives me more silence.

“Yeah.” And I throw the plate with the lungs, the nice one and the half of a chewed one and they both decorate the bin’s emptiness with such effect that I stick the bin in the bathroom and wonder if I should just open any house and leave the bin there to be a discussion for weeks as after I shoot people, a policy, you walk in, you shoot, before they actually do die from Pete’s thoughts.


I was requested a third point of view for this chapter by an anon:) So there you have it, the one about Jamie visiting Alison and most likely there will be a few more:) Not breaking the secrets which I may or not hold.

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed this chapter!

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  1. your ask box seems to be having issues,so i will just message you here.
    Lovely chappie once again,loved the third person!
    I only hold one question:why did u mean by "before they actually do die from Pete’s thoughts." ? thx!

  2. he ate a lung oh my woooord why do i find this so funny xD and how come jack and jamie get away with killing of these people

  3. Yeah, there was this nasty bug on tumblr D: Sorry for not replying straight away! The new chapter is now up though!

    Pete has a connection to everyone or maybe he doesn't, sorry, but really just read on really:) Pete has a connection to every character stuck in the helium morgue.

    Hope you'll love the rest as well!


  4. Well, basically everyone is stuck in their own house besides Jack and Jamie, so they can't really report if their house is an isolated world:)