Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Killer Stripes

It’s about the tension.

It’s like a dance on the stage and once the connection is broken you just grab the girl by the arm even if we are not so young at least that’s what Kate brags about and throws some cream at me that I have to sit on the edge of the bed, staring at it.

I sit up and head to her closet and I do enjoy looking at how ripped her jeans may be or how swirly the heels might be and how her feet size wouldn’t fit mine if I don’t try. I just like sitting against her heels and waiting until she realizes that I am gone.

Once I wanted to bang Alison here, I recall how she just laughed at the open heels she would never wear. I remember we tried putting on Kate’s heels and she laughed. I can’t say they hate each other that badly, it’s more bout Alison being content with her being the face I see when I ejaculate and Kate being the hole which is fucked.

Maybe then all is content and I watch Alison kiss me on the forehead and I hold myself, it’s so long that I don’t have to hold myself that long so all I do is smile and quickly kiss her on the lips.

Keep the tension.

Keep the tension.

And she smiles a bit shyly and Kate offers tea and exists, she knows I don’t shag Alison, I didn’t meantion that one time and she’s calm and it had been at the start of these years, so all can be erased and blamed on a dream.

So I grin.

“Um.” And she smiles more her pink hair too bright and I know how intense it is. “DJack likes me?”

I recall this talk I had with Jack once about women, he kept Meg away after all until no music could be produced from the female and the thing was Alison was taking too long and the more I teased the more I would get from her voice, from her body, so I never married, a mistake Jack did, he kept it a bit but the thing is, Jack is quite different.

The talk was about that we didn’t like innocent women, innocent would not want you to be in them, while Meg and Alison, did, they were childish, as if they were younger than the bonds would break and there was a trace of naivety in them.

And I just look at her. Jack wants the tension in his own band. Fucker.

“Sorry?” And I just look at Alison, I think I’ve sold my soul for a donut and music, well, it had been worth it.

“D-do you think Jack likes me?” Alison asks me and I just smile briefly, I’m sure there is a story behind this, so I just make myself more comfortable and I wonder what would have happened if Jack had been playing. He would have held himself.

But if there was no Meg?

Well, I suppose he would open the door and look at the girl with the cropped hair in front of him and he would smile.

“Um. Hi.” And Alison just smiles even more, her heart going two beats, is that the description I should choose? And the girl’s cheeks go red and Jack just smiles, maybe the guitar still in his hand and he invites her over.

“I like your playing.” Alison would say. She would around on the room. She would notice the posters and the plastic guitar, she would like it. I think she would even ask him to play something, fiddle with her fringe and listen to him playing, quickly thinking how would their kids look like and how would their music sound.

Maybe Jack would invite her to dance after they would discuss all the vinyls he has and the bands they have both heard of and Jack would have a wide grin and would glance on Alison’s mouth.

Maybe they would depart with a grinning silence and Jack would think when would they meet even if he knew that they were in the same hotel room.

He would sleep, his subconscious growing on the thoughts of them dancing closer, her lips spreading out and how he would just-

“Did you guys fuck?” I ask Alison and she just smiles and looks down, her pink fabric covering her face and I do not attempt to move anything, I just stare at her and I wonder how would another relation affect The Kills. I know how to control tension.

I wonder if she had my face when she came and Jack just collapsed on top of her.

“Well. I thin-think he does. Do you?” Alison repeats the question again and I start playing with these green heels Kate wore last night and they don’t seem so new anymore. I don’t look up.

Maybe Jack took her hand and they danced after all to some vinyl Jack liked. Maybe they just sat eating a pizza they ordered and talked about america. I don’t know. Maybe he just loves her. Maybe I don’t.

Maybe he just sat across Alison and just stared into her eyes, maybe he just confessed and asked if she were willing to wait for this british bloke who has a pregnant model. Maybe she wants kids as well and maybe there will be a little girl who was a mixture of Jack and Alison.

Maybe they’ll love her a lot and I won’t find my kid that good looking, maybe I will just, I don’t know, I have Kate’s daughter already and I have coloured random paintings of her and I have sat in that room with the drawings and I have thought how would it feel to finger Alison and just pressed my head against the desk.

I won’t do anything.

So I just leave the closet and Alison starts repeating the questions and Kate joins, grinning, knowing that now, the door is locked from both sides and that we just touch ourselves to each other and that the fluids won’t intteract to make a baby.

And then I just wonder what if I were Jack, I would stroke her hair and I would slowly go inside her.

God, I wish I were Jack. I wish I would be in a relation with her, I want to share that pizza they shared and throw popcorn on her head and bake those weird family cookies Jack always talks about when drunk that his mother used to cook on weekends if the sun shone right.

Jack is a great guy.

That’s why he marries his woman.

And I marry models to get cocktails and expensive beaches to poke my wife’s non-existant breats.

“I think he does, Alison.” You guys nearly make out on stage, but instead I light a cigarette and Kate just glances at me and takes it after one drag and I wonder if she would rather be doing cocaine instead, but instead I just look at Alison having a man and it depresses me.

It’s not something I can cut off unless I just strip her and, fuck, go inside her, but then maybe she will just get irritated and just well, break all of this and then come back crying, hopefully with legs spread out, sex to keep the tension.

“What happened?” I ask and Kate asks at the same time and all of a sudden I just don’t feel so good.

Jack was drumming.

Well, that’s what she says and she said she doesn’t get the knack of it and Jack just smiled, of course he would smile, it’s called I have a boner and I can use it, but only if you want to and I want to a lot, you’ve got a nice ass by the way.

He asked me if I would even have a relation with Alison and I just snapped no and told him not to. Jack just blinked surprised and chewed on his cigarette, exhaled and kept quiet, shifting the topic to some album he had heard.

I wish I would have slammed him against the wall and said that Alison was mine to fuck, that I touch her on stage and that no one sees her as naked as I do.

It’s not about the body.

It’s about how she orgasms on stage or during recordings and I just watch her in my arms and I kiss her brief and she just holds her eyes open and I want to touch her breasts even I have done so already, I have had her.


Basically I'm having quite a busy day tomorrow and fuck, fuck XD I'M MOVING XD THERE I'LL KEEP IT AT THAT AND FUCK, FUCK, FUCK
Gaaaah, so excited! Basically I'm not sure that this is the end of it and I've been given an Alison/Jamie request, so I might just continue this tomorrow or something new. Who knows!
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  1. i liked thiss so muuch and how you put jack in it,it wasnt confusing at all!!!!

  2. Thank you:3

    Glad you enjoyed it!!!