Friday, 20 January 2012

Axe For Cork Extraction7

He jumps up and the audience comes back, he waves his arms and they disappear. He gives me to joint and I vomit on some kid’s head and he shows me that it’s Meg.

I just look at my own blood which circulates, I believe I’ve reached the point where a knife is piercing my head and I look up to see Pete, who grabs my jaw and bangs my head against his.

I wonder what would Jamie be doing with his marriage and I am sitting there with my guitar with Alison and her newly dyed hair and she keeps chain smoking, silence and her foot taps give away everything.

“You know. I-I wonder.” She gulps another patch of tears. “W-what if-” And she just breaks it, sticking the cigarette so deep in her own throat she gags. It’s a baby indeed and I can’t tell her anything about it.

“W-wouldn’t.” Her phrases are too broken and I wonder if she should just curse and jinx us all, our big soup of relations. I wonder if she could she’d grab the bowl of music and just fling it on the floor for plain woman happiness, I remember when I met Meg and I think after a few kisses she just said that after all, everyone’s life changes after children.

I remember I had met Karen and kids were just something main, music, they were other notes, more private, ones which you wouldn’t share on stage.

Maybe Alison wanted those notes, maybe that’s why she broke a big orange bowl at her home and never focused on healing the bruise and just sat there, thinking, knowing, that-

she’d have music.

We all have music.

And then I look at Pete’s blade going through my head and I feel all the bullets in my head.

I take a few fingers up and I press them against the blade.

It’s quiet.

But it’s music, the way my blood slips down, the way Pete just watches, the way Alison kisses Jamie, the way

Pete and Moss are no longer



And that is it.

Thank you for reading.

If you want a full explanation of the story, feel free to ask, I will tell.

Feel free to send requests.

Originally this was going to go for 9 chapters, but today my mind turned itself off, a weird feeling which happens before I end any story.

Thank you very much for requesting!

I am now open for new requests!

<3 Edinburgh

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