Thursday, 26 January 2012

Silencio 2

Since then I sit in my hotel room wondering which banging door could be him after all?

To light.

To hard.


And my head is spinning from mere thought and I stay in the room with my legs crossed along with my arms, I think I hear guitar playing but I’m not sure if it would be a guitar or a can of yoghurt.

I washed my teeth after the kiss, maybe so that he won’t smell himiself ar the glance, maybe I am trying to put evidence after eidence.

What the fuck am I saying, so all I do is just fall on my bed wondering if some bits of cock might be left after all, as if-

I think I drant too much.

I don’t want to ehead outside.

I want to be young, a kid and sit cheering fro Nicky who had potention seems to get nowjere with his dreams, maybe that’s what I want to do, spy on Nick, when we were at an ange to give answers and it had been amusing listen to something which won’t happen, like that day when I had been just saying that I didn’t just like girls and I think Mass sailed that and it’s Like

my god


And I thik I see Nicky ebloew me


So I yank his head off and I know that I am clutching air, so I hide it and I keep hands closed.


closed for what for a Nicky and the guitar playing I hear.

It just pisses me off how you can never guess who is playing after all and when it’s like a blindfokd when all is yur presebt

It’s like not knowing the world



I am at the door and I just wobble without any alchohol as I;ve just losen my virginity at this motherfucking age, so I just knock on the door. Nothing.

I knock


Maybe I should just open the door, put the package on the mat and wait for it to eb delvered to trh wrony riyhc,

So I knock again and I hear him ebhidn me, but I don’t turn insteas my lips say something like blow job and Nicky kisses me.

Maybe it’s doesn’t matter anymore if I’m old or young, maybe all that rneeed rifgt O


You look like a penguin and fuck



I think your hand is in my pants so I press against the hand/

I’m too

Well, I just see the sex scene and the brief wuld do the lieke wtinning area

and it’s scary

and Nicky screams and I have him inside me, I say nothing as it leaks out.




I cover my head under the pillow and it doesn’t matter, I think he’s seen the scars and he traces them with his fingers, I wonder if he’ll puke from fuck what can he -

My imagery and I think he takes off the pillw and he kisses me anyway. Maybe his daughter won’t walk along him to school again because ths is like national television.

You get seen and people hate you just because their son didn’t make it and I guess now it is Wire’s mouth again. I don’t now. It’s not alchohol it’s frustration as I just well, hold my ahds still and he tries to find a tattoo with some removed and he finds the generation and I just close my eyes.


I hope you enjoyed this small fragment!

The typos are intentional.


Hell Hates You

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