Monday, 30 January 2012


I thought I dreamt of something silver.

So I just rubbed a bit of the corner of my eye, thinking to just sit up, but i kept myself in bed, wrapping the covers firmly against my body, a numb ache coming from the stomach but I just tried to ignore it, the words staring to build in my head and I played with the thoughts of standing up and drinking milk.

It would silver if spilt.

So I would sit in the kitchen, wondering what else would be silver, but I just wrapped the covers tighter, eyes held open, not blinking, my hand sketching with the fingertip on my knee.

I ended up sitting up and wondering what to do once I flicked on the light and just put my knees closer to my chest, trying not to think about anything but the insomnia now drawn on my knee and how silver would I feel if I would just fall back onto the bed and wrap myself up even tighter.


A Kurt Cobain short fan fiction as requested by an anon.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you!

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