Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Maternal Instinct

It’s a blink
When instead of a typewriter, typewriter
Which is what goes through your head
You actually want living things to crawl out of you
And not just dead spermatozoids after sex
(That’s sexy though)
It’s more like you glance at the person
(Male gender in this case)
And you glance glance glance
That’s the thing which will give your kids the shape of their legs
And blink
You want to be a mum all of a sudden
Instead of that typewriter, typewriter
And blowjobs become sexy
And the dead spermatozoids
That you want them all over your body
And you want those kids
Those kids you’d think you’d die giving birth
To that man who’d stroke your hair
And fucking kiss your forehead
You’d both grin
As you’d both be pregnant one day.

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