Sunday, 15 January 2012

Axe For Cork Extraction5

I think if there is a way to stop the voices in the head, there should be something about Pete like a gum ball and then we all split it in half and chew. Fun, fun, fun, laugh, laugh, yeah.

“I think we need a plan to kill Pete.” I say and I bring out kid’s drawings and throw them on the floor, we need a plan after all.

Jamie laughs.

The helium is being reloaded most likely, so that’s why our conversation is




I don’t think we have much time, but we’ll make it.

And I smile and we all do.

Alison thinks a bit too much, chewing Jamie’s cigarette and I start recalling Kate. Where is Kate? He went to the dead and got Alison.

Don’t you sometimes feel scared? Sacred?

Maybe when you just lay down in a bed and you’re just too nervous to do anything and you just shift to a side, when an idea comes in a dream and you forget it.

But then maybe you should feel calm that even the glimpse of it happened. I think I woke up with a red headed woman with her back turned on me and I remember standing up, everything a bit foggy and the smell of Pete’s joint was in the air and the smoke soon filled up my thoughts as I entered a room with children in it.

Pete just stood behind me and blew smoke at the back of my head.

It felt as if he were sticking needles in my head but I knew that they were needles without their material or maybe needles were even a hypotesis. What if I wrong?

I stood up, everything seemed to be too foggy and I recall Meg being a bit taller and she gave me some cereal and I had some memory and then I felt homesick. The memory had faded and I just kept eating cereal.

“I want to go home.” I haven’t seen home, had I? What was home enough? It wasn’t the rugs or Alison and Jamie staring at each other as if they couldn’t hold an inch closer or they’d just have sex on the floor but managed to kiss each other on the lips as Jamie would go out to cook testicles and shit, other shitty organs he’d cut out.

In the very beginning he kept them in the bathtub, so I had to swim through all the fluids and bits and blood and bones, digging my head in and getting out with eyes in my hair and he would stare eating fresh bread out of nowhere and then he would go inside and we would just stare.

I think he got bored playing tension with me.

Now he has Alison.

That’s why they don’t ahve sex.

That’s why I had it with Meg.

I had sex with Meg.

I look up to look at her.

“You’re not ten, are you?” I ask her blowing on my coffee and I don’t longer think that I am here anymore.

Maybe words and numbers don’t count anymore and I just stare at her.

I have no moves left.

All has been done.

All is great.

All will be done.


I think we should bang.

Bang bang.


This chapter is short but I felt the need to post.

Hope you enjoy it.

Thank you!

part 6