Saturday, 5 April 2014

Bar Eyes 3

I come back, my own keys and I see that I’m alone for the time being, maybe my friend went to sleepover so I just make the couch again and I close my eyes and I see him on top of me, his arms stretched on both sides of my head.

I bite my lip as I see him pull my chin up and plant a kiss upon me.

I feel too turned on and I’m softly cupping my breasts, I don’t know why he’s driving me, but it’s happening or maybe I haven’t touched myself since I got here, those bizarre dares when you think that masturbation is wrong. 

I see him take off his shirt, his long hair becoming messy and he undoes my jeans. 

Alex licks my neck as his hand slides into my underwear and he feels me drenched, as I do, as I start rubbing my clit.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, I want him. I bite my hand, as I keep rubbing my clit faster and I can see him doing it with a grin, myself gasping and when I start coming he starts fingering me softly and it’s so good, that my whole body aches for his touch. 

I see him doing it and I can’t hold, I keep moaning and it’s bizarre to want someone else this much, that I come, thrusting up, my finger fully inside me and I gasp, falling back onto the couch, wanting him.

Eventually I stand up and I wash my hands, leaving myself in a plain t-shirt and I go to bed to count the seconds until it becomes light again. 

I know that I can’t go back or can I?

Eventually I count the remaining hours, I daze off but I leave early enough.

He should be living upstairs or something? It’s around nine a.m., but I don’t think I care, everyone is too drunk or there are people on busses with the bus drivers. I start pounding on the door heavily, eventually I even kick the door. 

Eventually a window opens above the bar.

Alex stops before he can say anything, his mouth open, but he sighs and soon enough he opens the pub door. He doesn’t let me inside his apartment, but he’s still here. 

I feel like making out with him just now, feeling his hair with my hands, feeling him get excited and I want to taste him, his cock, his mouth, his neck, but instead he just stands there with a flushed yet slightly blank expression.

“Aye?” He asks and I just stand there. 

I don’t know what to say and neither does he, but eventually he nods for me to go in. I can see Alex shaking slightly, as he closes the door and I sit down. I can’t stop fidgeting and it feels like I just came for sex and maybe the shirt with the low cut wasn’t such a good idea after all. 

Alex approaches me, both hands holding on the armrests of the stool and his hair falls on his eyes. I feel trapped, but it’s not claustrophobic and he leans towards me, but soon enough he pulls back and goes back into the storage room.

My heart is pounding as I could still see his lips and my body is pumped with excitement as I can’t sit properly, my leg shaking madly, my fingers in my mouth being chewed and I know I look idiotic and I do hope that once I grow out of being a teenager sex won’t be as required and I won’t go around wanking to different men or women, which I’ve just met. 

I hear a loud thud against some wall and I hear a bizarre noise, like a very loud sight and I stand up. 

I do hope he’s ok and I don’t hold myself and I push the door open to the storage.

I see Alex with his eyes closed, holding some passed out drunk man, his mouth on his neck and for a second I don’t understand what is going on and when I do, I start screaming as Alex pulls from his neck, a blood trail on his chin.

“Fuck!” He says. “What the fuck are you doing here? Fuck!”

And he grabs me with my one arm and I can’t move and I don’t think I can anyway. I start crying and he rubs off the blood from his mouth.

I keep screaming and I want to hit him, but he grabs my other arm, pinning them above my head and my heart starts pounding again. 

Alex starts looking at me and I start breathing very heavily until I start shaking, not realizing I’m still crying, I feel like I’m pretending I’m dead for the bear to go away. 

I look at his mouth, he is saying something, but I’m underwater and I don’t hear anything, the only thing I hear is when he gets nearer and my teeth are chattering. 

Everything looks in clouds, as I keep crying and he kisses me.

My hands fall to my sides as he pulls me closer, pushing my hair back, I still feel the faint taste of blood in his mouth, as his tongue touches mine and I still have my eyes open, but I feel more shocked now, as he is pulling me closer, making out with me and he feels taller, warm as I dare and actually pull him closer myself. 

I still feel scared and he wraps me around tighter. 

My mind is fighting, I feel at ease, yet I’m scared, 

He pulls away, looking down, playing with a strand of my hair and then he grabs me by the cheeks again and kisses me harder, pinning me against the wall and let my hands go under his shirt, causing him to moan lightly as I pull him closer.

I feel more desperation in this kiss, as he strokes my neck with his fingers, holds me tighter, I feel his erection pressed against me and that just turns me on more. I feel bizarre, but he’s not doing

anything to me, besides making out.

Eventually he pulls back again and he is breathless himself, Alex gives himself a moment.

“I just... needed blood before I... kissed you.” He said, his eyes closed. Alex feels at ease, while I’m back to being stabbed by needles.

“Yeah, why did y-you need blood?” I ask and then Alex blinks.




“Fuck.” Now he does all the talking and he covers his eyes with his hands and rubs them, exposing his teeth. “Ees.” 

I sure do get a good look at his teeth, so he closes his mouth.

“Yeah, that. You can’t really pronounce this with an open mouth.” He chuckles and I’m amazed how weight seems to have lifted off his shoulders, yet ended up on mine. 

“Can you?” I make a hand motion of opening the palm and he opens his teeth again and I see them again, less bloody but still sharp. He keeps blinking and watching me, as I try to touch them with my finger.

“Oi, I’m not biting you for Christ’s sake!” And he holds my arm. 

“I... I always thought y’know, if they existed, I mean, they do, that they would be... y’know more noticeable?” I lower my voice, feeling stupid. Shaking my hand off. Alex just shrugs. 

“Then everyone would know who sucks blood, I’m guessing its survival.” He says and sits down on the floor, next to the dead drunk, well, I’m guessing dead, he doesn’t look to be alive any longer than after we made out. 

“Can you even give oral with those damn teeth anyway?”

“Why the fuck wouldn’t I? I’m not fucking biting someone’s genitals, am I?”


I guess the fact that Used Lighter is finished and I can shamelessly continue my obsession with the plot and the characters in Bar Eyes is pretty much a gift to me. I end up shipping Alison/Alex more than Alison/Jamie in the Used Lighter Universe but I'll see how it's going to go because it's pretty much an odd triangle. 

It's odd that now all the locations which I'd see daily are now just in my head including that bar which Alex owns, the funny thing I wanted to get a nicer one and I didn't and I just left that one in my mind and I've never really been inside it, I've just seen it outside the bus. 

Around August I went on this binge, when I just got into Arctic Monkeys, and I started writing Bar Eyes frantically and I've got quite a few chapters written and yeah, I'm looking back and I'm like shit, my writing style changed a bit, but I pretty much stick to the spontaneous prose, so I left it they way it is. 

I guess I like how light it is compared to Used Lighter but it won't last long as we all know from UL that he disappears and yeah, guess who should appear soon, dun dun xD I dunno, I just love how light and innocent it is and yeah, Humbug Alex haha xD I still think I'll strictly see Humbug Alex as Used Lighter/Bar Eyes Alex xD

I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to request as the next chapters are written :D




  1. Just had to go back and reread chapters 1+ 2!! It's so good and I'm really curious now for the next bit coz I kinda really wasn't expecting THIS at all! Haha very interesting!

    Love this! :) xxxxx

  2. Ah, thank you :D :D it's a prequel really tied up to Used Lighter so you can just go on reading Bar Eyes but it will make more sense with both read, but UL is more weird :3

    :D I should have the next chapter tomorrow or so :3 please keep checking :D

    Haha, I've had this plot in me for so long and UL touched Alison's past with Alex so I've always known xD

    Thank you so so so so much :3 :3 :3 dbshjcjhdsc

    <3<3<3<3 xxxx <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    1. Ahhh ok I will read used lighter then!! :)

      You're so gooooood!!!! :) so much love xxxxx

    2. :D yay :D I hope you'll like it as well :3

      thank you so so so so much, sweetie :3 Love you too :3 :3 :3

      tell me if you want anything else to be updated soon :3


  3. holy craaaaaap! I love it! sooooo much! I'm sorry i haven't had a chance to respond to your other comment, I've been so busy but this omg. more please! I wasnt expecting it, it cut too soon! UL was my favourite and Bar Eyes is just oh so much more i love it so much. keep up the amazing work, seriously.

    :D you're amazing.

    1. Don't worry, honey! Honestly!!!!:) I've been quite busy as well and I'm sorry that I didn't reply straight away!

      Ah, thank you so so so so much!!! I'm so happy that people love UL and Bar Eyes as I love the universe and the whole love triangle :D

      Thank you so so so much again!!!

      You are, thank you! Thank you so so much for your love towards my work as you truly keep me going and writing more:)